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Man wears wife's panties

by Staff reporter
08 Mar 2024 at 15:48hrs | Views
IN the Book of Genesis, God's plan for marriage is set forth poetically but clearly: "One man and one woman in a stable, lasting, fruitful relationship of mutual support".

While reporting the existence of polygamy, the Bible also describes the consequences, which were nearly always violent.

This is coming into play in a Marange polygamous family where the wives are not seeing eye-to-eye over disappearing panties.

The second wife is accusing the first wife of conniving with their husband to steal her three pairs of panties which she used to bewitch her.

This emerged at Mutare Magistrates' Civil Court where Melody Manyene was applying for a peace order against her senior wife, Dorcas Muti.

In her application, Manyene said Muti in connivance with their unnamed husband stole her three pairs of panties and took them to a n'anga to fix her.

"Our husband stole my three pairs of panties and gave them to Dorcas Muti on three different occasions. He first stole my first pair of panties from the washing line.

"I confronted him over the issue and said he wanted to inform me later that he had passed through my homestead during my absence.

"That very night, my co-wife saw the pair of panties with our husband and was very upset. She came to my place and threatened to deal with me," said Manyene.

She said she took Muti's threats lightly for the sake of maintaining peace.

"After three weeks, I discovered that three pairs of my panties were missing. I was really worried. One day my husband came to my place and upon undressing, I was shocked to see him wearing one of the missing panties.

"In asking him why he was putting on my panties, he confessed that two of the missing pairs of panties were with my co-wife. At first he said he was using my panties for fishing, but later confessed that he was pushed by the first wife's juju to steal them. I remained quiet as I am a peace loving person. In 2018 I began having stomach complications. I consulted different doctors to no avail," said Manyene.

She said the pain got worse and she remembered that at one time, Muti threatened to deal with her.

It dawned on Manyene that Muti had used her pairs of panties to bewitch her.

"I consulted a n'anga who told me that it was Muti who had bewitched me using my panties. I confronted Muti and she confessed fixing me. I reported the issue to the police and our husband fled to Harare. He is still to set foot here.

"At one time I thought of packing my bags and go back to my parent's home, but my relatives stopped me, saying I should stay put at my husband's place," said Manyene.

Muti denied bewitching Manyeme.

"I wanted to fix her and went with her panties to a church (masowe), but the prophet said I should discard the panties in a deserted farm. I did that.

"All I want is Manyene to leave my homestead and stop all the tobacco farming she is doing on a piece of land my parents bought for me. She claims that it is our husband's land, but that is not true. She has to vacate this land as she will never enjoy peace if she continues to be stubborn," threatened Muti.

Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato granted the peace order which is valid for five years.

Mr Chipato advised Muti against taking the law into her hands.

Source - The ManicaPost
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