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EXCLUSIVE: Victim of Mafia Boss Francesco Marconati speaks on how he lost his beer plant and got deported

by George Tshuma
08 Mar 2024 at 17:28hrs | Views
In the shadowy world of mafia dealings, a sinister evil chess game orchestrated by the self-styled Italian Mafia boss,Marconati, (pictured) has been exposed.

Today, we delve into the Francesco Marconati files to uncover the calculated series of moves that led to the dramatic snatching of the profitable Philadelphia Italian Craft Beer House and Restaurant from the majority Italian investor, Nicola Troles.

Our investigation is based on the firsthand account of Nicola Troles, the alleged victim, who was forced into deportation from Zimbabwe after falling prey to Marconati's malevolent schemes.

He speaks to this reporter from his base in Italy where he has been residing since his deportation.

The Allure of Investment

The inception ofMarconati's sinister chess game traces back to the meticulously woven web of deceit that formed the allure of investment for Nicola Troles. Portraying himself as a prominent figure in the Italian business community, Marconati enticed Troles into a financial trap by emphasizing the unparalleled business opportunities in Zimbabwe's untapped market. Through a blend of persuasive charm and promises of cultural exchange, Marconati painted a rosy picture of crafting authentic Italian beer in Zimbabwe. Exploiting Troles' patriotic sentiments and business acumen, Marconati obscured his darker intentions behind the grand façade of noble endeavors and exclusive partnerships. The initial substantial investment marked the beginning of a calculated takeover, ultimately leading to Troles' forced deportation. The allure of investment, carefully constructed by Marconati, unfolded as a strategic manipulation of trust and ambition, ensnaring Troles in a treacherous web of betrayal and deceit.

Investor Permit and Leadership

Upon Nicola Troles' arrival in Zimbabwe, the web of deception orchestrated byMarconati took a more tangible form as Troles assumed a pivotal role in the leadership of the Philadelphia Italian Craft Beer House and Restaurant. His significant investment not only secured financial stakes but also granted him the coveted Investor Permit. This crucial document not only symbolized Troles' commitment but also served as official recognition of his substantial contribution to Zimbabwe's business landscape. As Troles became an integral part of the establishment's leadership, the Investor Permit solidified his position as a key figure in the venture.

The allure of leadership, entwined with the promise of financial success, compelled Troles to invest not just monetarily but also emotionally and professionally. Little did he know that this apparent ascent within the business hierarchy would become a critical element in Marconati's sinister machinations, leading to a calculated scheme to strip Troles of both his leadership role and substantial investment.

The Blossoming Business and Sinister Plots

Amidst the flourishing success of the Philadelphia Italian Craft Beer House and Restaurant, orchestrated by Nicola Troles andMarconati, an insidious undercurrent of sinister plots began to emerge. The business, once a beacon of collaboration and cultural exchange, became a battleground for Marconati's calculated machinations. As profits soared, Marconati's nefarious strategy unfolded, casting a shadow over the once-promising venture.

Marconati, the puppeteer of this malevolent theatre, craftily devised a series of calculated moves to seize control. Initiating a devious ownership scheme, he, along with his son Alessandro and sister Marta, surreptitiously acquired 50% of the business, leaving Troles with a mere 40%. This maneuver set the stage for a cascade of destructive actions aimed at undermining Troles' position and unraveling the fabric of their partnership.

The blossoming business, once a symbol of entrepreneurial dreams, became a pawn in Marconati's chess game. Profitable and thriving, it unwittingly provided the backdrop for a tragic narrative, where success served as a double-edged sword, opening the door for betrayal and the eventual downfall of the very enterprise that Troles had invested so much in.

Marconati's Ownership Scheme

Marconati's ownership scheme, a Machiavellian masterpiece, unfolded as a cold and calculated chess game to usurp control of the Philadelphia Italian Craft Beer House and Restaurant from its majority investor, Nicola Troles. With a puppeteer's finesse, Marconati, flanked by his son Alessandro and sister Marta, artfully engineered a coup that redefined the business landscape.

Initiating the takeover, Marconati's ownership scheme manifested as a surreptitious acquisition of company shares. Through cunning maneuvers, they managed to acquire a commanding 50% stake in the business, strategically diluting Troles' once-majority ownership to a mere 40%. This strategic redistribution of shares laid the foundation for their sinister stratagem, positioning Marconati and his kin as the new puppet masters behind the thriving Italian Craft Beer House.

The ownership shift was not merely a financial reshuffling; it was a meticulously planned power play. By consolidating their control, the Marconati trio sought to manipulate the dynamics of decision-making within the business, rendering Troles increasingly powerless. This calculated maneuver not only undermined Troles' authority but also paved the way for a series of subsequent actions aimed at dismantling the very foundation of the venture Troles had poured his dreams and resources into.

As the ownership scheme unfolded, the once-promising partnership between Troles and Marconati transformed into a battleground for control and dominance. The very essence of collaboration that fueled the business's initial success became a casualty of Marconati's ruthless pursuit of power. The ownership scheme, a linchpin in Marconati's grand design, set the stage for the ensuing acts of betrayal, harassment, and forced deportation that would mark the tragic downfall of the Philadelphia Italian Craft Beer House and Restaurant.

 Frustration and Harassment Tactics

The next phase involved systematic harassment and frustration aimed at driving Troles away from Zimbabwe. Marconati engineered a false accusation, leading to Troles being harassed by the police over an alleged iPhone theft at the pub. Troles, recounting the incident, stated, "That is standard procedure in Zimbabwe; I must endure the grueling process."
Added Troles, “One morning they(The Marconati’s) hired people to open my car with a smaller key, taking away my backpack with my computer, the keys to the house (the lock of the house entrance, the key to the safe and the keys to my room and the room where there is the safe that have all been replaced with new keys) the wallet with the Italian credit card and the Ecobank card, driver's license, fiscal code and the external memory that I was using to store the archive of all the works of the pub and my personal documents.”

Permit Expiry and Legal Residency Challenges

As part of Marconati's calculated moves, the next stage involved waiting for the expiration of Troles' Investor Permit. The expiration meant Troles could no longer be legally resident in the country. Adding to the sinister strategy, Marconati and Alessandro refused to provide fingerprints, a legal requirement for the non-criminal record essential for ZIDA's renewal process.

Troles revealed this stage, expressing, "Alessandro Marconati and Francesco Marconati refused to provide their fingerprints as required by the Zimbabwe Investment Development Agency for Philadelphia Investments to apply for the renewal of its ZIDA investment license. Alessandro threatened to kill me, and Francesco Marconati told me to marry a local girl to get a resident permit, which I refused because I am a genuine investor in Zimbabwe. I was forced to leave Zimbabwe after investing my 20 years of savings in the beer plant."

Collusion with an official from the Registrar General's Office

The final sinister plot unfolded as Marconati allegedly connived with the Registrar General's office to orchestrate Troles' return to Italy, sealing the fate of Philadelphia Italian Craft Beer House and Restaurant and culminating in the loss of Troles' substantial investment.


The tale of Marconati's calculated takeover serves as a stark reminder of the dark underbelly of Italian dirty mafia business dealings in Zimbabwe. As this investigation unfolds, the impact on legitimate investors and the integrity of the business landscape hangs in the balance.

Stay tuned for further revelations as we expose the depths of this Machiavellian saga, led by the self-styled mafia Francesco Marconati. The repercussions of this sinister chess game reverberate beyond the immediate victims, casting a shadow over the very fabric of ethical business practices and the pursuit of prosperity in Zimbabwe.

Source - Byo24News