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Edd Branson extends invitation to US Trade Secretary Gina Raimondo to strengthen trade relations with Zimbabwe

by Mandla Ndlovu
09 Mar 2024 at 07:37hrs | Views

Zimbabwean business mogul Edd Branson has extended a cordial invitation to United States Trade Secretary Gina Raimondo and her team to visit Zimbabwe with the aim of bolstering trade and commercial relations between the two nations. This gesture comes in the wake of US President Joe Biden's recent decision to ease a portion of the long-standing sanctions placed on Zimbabwe.

In a press statement released by Regina Wilson, the Stakeholder Engagement Executive at AfriUSA Business Initiative, she expressed her organization's delight at Washington's move to alleviate some of the sanctions on Zimbabwe. Wilson emphasized that this development was a step in the right direction towards fostering stronger diplomatic ties and economic cooperation between the two countries.

With a hopeful outlook, Wilson urged Washington to consider further actions by completely lifting all remaining sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe. She stressed the importance of creating a conducive environment for trade and investment to flourish, which would ultimately benefit both nations and contribute to the growth of their respective economies.
Edd Branson's invitation to US Trade Secretary Gina Raimondo signifies a willingness to engage in constructive dialogue and explore opportunities for mutual benefit. The potential visit holds the promise of opening new doors for enhanced cooperation, increased trade, and the establishment of partnerships that could drive economic progress and prosperity in both Zimbabwe and the United States.

As the diplomatic landscape evolves, the prospect of closer ties between Zimbabwe and the United States presents a promising opportunity for collaboration across various sectors. The invitation extended by Edd Branson serves as a testament to the potential for positive change and the building of stronger relationships between nations on the global stage.

Source - Byo24News