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'Parents can pay examination fees in Zimdollar'

by Staff reporter
15 Mar 2024 at 07:09hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council has opened a one week window for parents and guardians to pay examination fees for the June 2024 Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations in local currency at the prevailing interbank rate.

ZIMSEC yesterday said those wishing to pay in local currency could do so from March 13 to 20, after which the grace period would lapse. This brings relief to many that have been struggling to raise foreign currency to pay the examination fees ahead of the deadline.

At some tertiary institutions students had to take their colleges to court over the USD payments. The matter was ruled in their favour.

The examination fees will be paid at the interbank rate prevailing on March 13 of $17 558 to US$1, to allow for a uniform registration fee during the grace period.

"The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council would like to inform its stakeholders, parents/guardians and candidates of the interbank rate which shall apply when making payments for the 2024 June Ordinary and Advanced Level Examination Fees in Zimdollars," said Zimsec in a statement.

The closing date for registration for the June examinations is May 28.

"The interbank rate of March 13, 2024, will be used during this period to ensure that all candidates pay a uniform registration fee. The exchange rate to be applied for payments is $17 558 to US$1," said the public notice.

ZIMSEC said those wishing to pay the examination fees in foreign currency could do so until the registration closing dates. The seven-day grace period only applies to those paying in local currency.

"Fees are pegged in USD however, they are accepted in the currency which the parents/guardians are comfortable with.

"Parents who wish to make payments in USD or rand can do so until the registration closing dates. Those who would like to make payments in Zimdollars will use the rate communicated herein," read the public notice.

ZIMSEC outlined the procedure for payments, saying the fees would not be paid directly into its accounts but at the respective schools or centres where the students will sit for the examinations.

"Payments for the examination fees should not be paid directly into ZIMSEC accounts by individual parents. Candidates/Parents should make payments to the school or centre of registration for forward remission to ZIMSEC.

O-Level examination fees are US$24 a subject. There is US$13 a subject subsidy from Government for public schools, local authority and not-for-profit mission schools, so parents just have to raise US$11 per subject.

The A-Level fee is US$48 a subject, but again the Government will pay a subsidy of US$26 a subject for those children at public, local authority and not-for-profit mission schools. Students at private schools, colleges and private missions pay the full amount.

Source - The Herald
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