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Chamisa says Zimbabwe's leadership 'drought' is worse than meteorological drought

by Staff reporter
04 Apr 2024 at 14:25hrs | Views
Zimbabwe's notable opposition figure, Nelson Chamisa, strongly criticized President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa for the delayed declaration of the El Nino-induced drought as a State of Disaster, which ravaged crops and pastures during the 2023/24 rainy season.

President Mnangagwa declared a state of disaster on Wednesday, April 3, urgently appealing for international assistance, citing the need for over US$2 billion to alleviate the impending famine.

Chamisa argues that recognizing a meteorological drought at the end of the summer season reflects a significant "leadership drought" within the country. He expressed:

"The recurring drought in Zimbabwe is a pressing issue, with persistent extreme weather conditions exacerbating poverty, disease, and cholera, posing major threats to national security. It feels like a repetitive cycle since ‘07/‘08, highlighting leadership failure.

"Declaring a state of emergency belatedly is inadequate and lacks foresight. Warnings from experts, including the UN, WHO, WFP, and our meteorological teams, were disregarded over a year ago.

"Our lack of preparedness underscores the leadership and strategic drought, evident in underdeveloped dams and insufficient water harnessing plans.

Chamisa, the former leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), challenged the Mnangagwa-led administration to learn from other nations achieving food security despite limited rainfall. He emphasized:

"Other countries with lower rainfall manage better. With proper leadership and governance, Zimbabwe could thrive with initiatives like the Green Agenda revolution.

"Proactive climate-smart solutions demand effective water and land management for preservation and sustainability.

"Late disaster declarations offer no solution; lives continue to be lost due to sluggish policies. We're prepared to provide proactive leadership. Zimbabwe deserves better.

"We must address broken politics, resolve electoral disputes, and restore majority rule."

Mnangagwa stated that Zimbabwe's anticipated grain yield for the 2023/24 agricultural season stands at 868,273 tonnes, falling short of the nation's food requirements by nearly 680,000 metric tonnes.

Source - pindulo