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Munhumutapa vows to eradicate chieftainship disputes

by Staff reporter
11 Apr 2024 at 08:39hrs | Views
King Munhumutapa born Timothy Chiminya of the Rozvi clan has vowed to end chieftainship wrangles in Zimbabwe which he attributed to decades of corruption in the selection of chiefs.

Chiminya, who is on a whirlwind installation of chiefs countrywide, said his findings had shown "deep rooted corruption" involving both government officials and some unscrupulous chiefs from the Chiefs' Council of Zimbabwe.

In an interview with NewsDay yesterday, Chiminya said some traditional leaders used corruption to get chieftainship positions.

"The corruption has been evident in that over the years we have had unresolved chieftainship disputes because of interference in the selection process.

"What I am doing as King Munhumutapa is to sit down with the concerned clans of a chieftainship and because they know their lineage history they agree on the next heir to the throne," he said.

Chiminya presided over the installation of Chief Mawarire in Mwenezi on Tuesday this week.

Last week, he presided over the installation of Sevias Piki as Chief Hama in Chirumanzu to replace Vengai Zishiri who has been acting for years.

This is the third time that Chiminya has presided over the installation of a chief.

He has also presided over the coronation of Julius Chimbi Chigegwe as Chief Chirumanzu to replace acting Chief Chirumanzu Fidelis Mudzengi.

He said it was "queer" to have people acting as chiefs for years as if the traditional leadership did not know heirs to chieftainships in various clans.

"As a King, I have the powers to install or remove chiefs," he said.

"We can't continue to have unscrupulous people who buy chieftainships through bribes and corrupt activities."

Chiminya said his actions were guided by a 2022 High Court order which declared him King Munhumutapa after the then Local Government minister had contested his kingship.

In the High Court case number HC 3981/22 before Justice Munangati-Manongwa on September 28, 2022 in the case between Chiminya and then Local Government minister it was "ordered by consent that the plaintiff Timothy Chiminya be and is hereby declared Mambo Munhumutapa."

Chiminya said he would continue installing chiefs across the country in a bid to unite traditional leaders and eradicate corruption in the selection of chiefs.

Chiminya was installed as King Munhumutapa by the Rozvi clan of the Moyo totem in December 2021.

Source - newsday