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Bulawayo Business Network Launches Campaign to Promote ZiG Currency in Zimbabwe

by Mandla Ndlovu
15 Apr 2024 at 17:00hrs | Views
In a significant stride towards economic empowerment and financial sustainability, Bulawayo Business Network (BBN) has officially launched a campaign aimed at promoting the newly introduced Zimbabwe Gold currency, ZiG. This initiative comes with the firm belief that embracing ZiG will not only bring value and dignity to the currency but will also play a pivotal role in uplifting the economic landscape of Zimbabwe.

In a statement released by Kuziva Mtandiro, the Director of BBN, emphasized the importance of the people of Zimbabwe accepting ZiG as a crucial part of the nation's identity and economic progress. Mtandiro stressed that ZiG is a currency created for the collective benefit and prosperity of all Zimbabweans, aimed at improving the quality of life for its citizens.

"It is essential for us, as a nation, to wholeheartedly accept ZiG. This currency represents more than just a legal tender; it embodies our national sovereignty and the potential to enhance our economic well-being. By supporting and promoting ZiG, we are, in fact, supporting civil servants and all workers who receive their salaries in the local currency," Mtandiro highlighted.

Furthermore, Mtandiro underscored the interconnectedness of individuals and businesses in Zimbabwe, emphasizing that the success of ZiG is dependent on the collective effort and involvement of all stakeholders. He stated, "If we refuse, bet against, or sabotage ZiG, we are ultimately sabotaging ourselves and undermining the economic growth and stability of our nation. It is crucial to recognize that these employees are our clients who patronize our businesses and contribute to the local economy."

In conclusion, Mtandiro urged all members of the business community and BBN affiliates to actively participate in the campaign to promote the acceptance and usage of ZiG. He emphasized that the success of ZiG is contingent upon the collaborative efforts of individuals, businesses, and organizations to embrace this currency and thereby contribute to the economic progress and prosperity of Zimbabwe.

As BBN embarks on this commendable endeavor to champion the adoption of ZiG, it is evident that fostering a culture of financial inclusion and solidarity within the Zimbabwean business landscape is paramount. Together, let us unite in support of ZiG and pave the way for a brighter economic future for our beloved nation.

Source - Byo24News
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