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'King Munhumutapa' an imposter

by Staff reporter
19 May 2024 at 10:40hrs | Views
The Government has repudiated claims by Mr. Timothy Chiminya Mujuru, who alleges to be King Munhumutapa, labeling him as a fraudulent imposter without constitutional backing.

Mr. Mujuru has been involved in installing chiefs across the country and acting as an arbiter in chieftainship disputes, allegedly for a fee. However, the Government stated it would not recognize any chiefs he had installed or disputes he claimed to have resolved.

Minister of Local Government and Public Works, Daniel Garwe, issued a statement distancing the Government from Mr. Mujuru's claims.

"The Ministry of Local Government and Public Works dissociates itself from Timothy Chiminya Mujuru, who is masquerading as King Munhumutapa. The Zimbabwean Constitution does not provide for Kingship; therefore, his claim is unconstitutional and null," said Minister Garwe.

Minister Garwe explained that Section 283 (a) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 20) Act of 2013, along with Sections 3(1) and (2) of the Traditional Leaders Act [Chapter 29:17], stipulates that the appointment, removal, and suspension of Chiefs must be done by the President on the recommendation of the Provincial Assembly of Chiefs, through the National Council of Chiefs and the Minister responsible for traditional leaders, and under traditional practices and traditions of the respective communities.

He emphasized that Mr. Mujuru is not a legitimate chief, as he was not appointed according to these legal provisions.

"The Ministry strongly condemns the illegal behavior and conduct of the fraudulent imposter, Timothy Chiminya Mujuru, and advises the public to ignore him and his antics," Minister Garwe stated.

To prevent misinformation, Minister Garwe urged ministries, departments, and agencies to coordinate with his Ministry when engaging with traditional leadership institutions. He also encouraged the public to report Mr. Mujuru to law enforcement agents if approached by him in their communities.

Source - The Sunday News