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Zimbabwe African National Congress leader accused of fraud in South Africa

by Mandlenkosi Sithole
23 May 2024 at 19:58hrs | Views
Timothy Ncube
Leader of the video fringe opposition party, the Zimbabwe African National Congress (ZANC), Timothy Ncube is being accused for "scamming and defrauding" a fellow Zimbabwean, Khothamani Mkhwananzi of Nkayi in South Africa.

According to bank statements and documents presented to this publication by Advocate Abram Tsotetsi of Tsotetsi Attorneys, on behalf of Mr Mkhwananzi,  ZANC's Ncube received an amount of R1 445 000.00 when he sold him a house registered at Number 11Tainton Street, Cyridene, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Advocate Tsotetsi further alleges that they have stabled that Mr Ncube has since sold the house to another family.

"Mr Ncube must do the right thing and refund our client, Mr. Mkhwananzi his money," said advocate Tsotetsi.

"It is unfair and improper to subject a family man to what Mr. Ncube is doing. We are currently pursuing a legal route as our case is in High Court; we are also calling out to other people who are victims of Mr Ncube to come out.

"It has since come to our attention that in his scam after selling the house to Mkhwananzi he later sold it again to another family. We requested that he refund our client since he has decided to sell the house, but he has been giving us excuses and disappeared to thin air."

Mr. Mkhwananzi expressed anger on Ncube's "criminal behaviour".

"It is sad that after working hard for my family someone came and destroyed everything which was their hope. I never knew that Ncube is a Scammer and fraudster as I trusted him as a fellow Zimbabwean. I lost nearly R1,5 million to this man. I want all Zimbabweans back home and in diaspora to be alert about him. I have been seeing him pausing on photos as a good man, hoodwinking unsuspecting Zimbabweans who are not aware of his criminal behaviour.

"I have tried everything to be civil with Ncube, but for some years now he has been promising to refund me my money but he has since disappeared to thin air. He has also blocked me and I can’t reach out to him on his cellphone.

"I felt sad when I discovered that when he sold the house he has sold to me, he got R1,7 million and never bothered to refund me. When I confronted him, he said he was paid R250 000 when he sol my house without my knowledge. As it is, I am living in the very same house with the family he sold to them. This has resulted in continuous fights between me and that family, and they have taken me to court already with a hearing for eviction set for next month. It is sad that I will be evicted from this house I bought and Ncube is out enjoying life somewhere; last year I was evicted when this family brought in bouncers who were lethal towards me, fortunately, the police had to stop that illegal eviction.

"I am also challenging more people to come forward who were scammed by Ncube so that the law can take its course. We work hard for our well-being but people of his caliber just pounce to destroy us," added a seething Mkhwananzi.

Contacted for comment, Ncube said, "this matter is in courts. Let's wait for courts to decide."

Source - Mandlenkosi Sithole