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'Mnangagwa's 3rd term bid illegal'

by Staff reporter
24 May 2024 at 08:51hrs | Views
The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) has strongly criticized moves by the ruling party to amend the Constitution in order to facilitate President Emmerson Mnangagwa's bid for a third term, labeling the effort as illegal.

Concerns have been raised amidst reports indicating covert political strategies by Zanu-PF to extend Mnangagwa's tenure in office.

Mnangagwa, currently aged 81, is currently serving his second and final term after being elected in 2018. The Constitution of Zimbabwe stipulates a maximum of two presidential terms.

Under the banner "Zim Constitution @11: Strengthening and defending the gains," CiZC emphasized the illegality of these maneuvers, asserting that they not only violate constitutional norms but also undermine the strides made in constitutionalism within Zimbabwe.

The coalition stated, "Recent calls by the ruling party to amend the Constitution to remove the two-term limit for the presidency and allow President Emmerson Mnangagwa to contest for a third term are both illegal and regrettable."

Despite past assertions from Mnangagwa that he would not seek to amend the Constitution for personal gain, the human rights watchdog reiterated the danger of such actions, emphasizing that constitutional manipulation by political elites threatens democratic principles and disregards the will of the people.

CiZC underscored the need for citizen mobilization and resistance against these unconstitutional proposals, emphasizing the importance of an informed citizenry in holding leaders accountable and safeguarding democratic values.

The coalition advocated for a grassroots movement encompassing various stakeholders to protect the Constitution and advance democratic governance in Zimbabwe.

While attempts by Zanu-PF to pursue Mnangagwa's third term appear uncertain, constitutional provisions dictate that even if an amendment were enacted, Mnangagwa would remain ineligible for a third term as it cannot benefit the incumbent, as per Section 91(2) of the Constitution.

Source - newsday