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UK to ban Zimbabwe drivers' licences?

by Staff reporter
25 May 2024 at 12:51hrs | Views
The issue of road accidents involving Zimbabwean drivers based in the United Kingdom has raised significant concerns among overseas authorities, prompting discussions about potentially banning locally issued driver's licenses, according to a Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) official.

The primary offenders are drivers holding class two licenses, leading the UK government to reassess the road safety situation involving Zimbabwean drivers. Munesu Munodawafa, the managing director of TSCZ, elucidated why drivers with class two licenses from Zimbabwe encounter difficulties driving in the UK.

"Many individuals obtained their driver's licenses in Zimbabwe before migrating to the UK, with a majority opting for class two licenses. Why class two licenses, you may wonder? There's a prevalent belief among Zimbabweans that acquiring a class two license is easier since it doesn't require proficiency in reverse parking," Munodawafa explained.

"However, upon arriving in the UK with these hastily obtained class two licenses, these drivers lacked training in reverse parking, resulting in collisions with other vehicles. This issue raised serious concerns, prompting UK authorities to consider a blanket ban on licenses from Zimbabwe," Munodawafa disclosed.

He made these remarks during a Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe event held at a local hotel, where the organization convened a meeting with CEOs of businesses in Bulawayo and representatives from various organizations.

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