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Chamisa urges SADC to address Zimbabwe crisis

by Staff reporter
28 May 2024 at 10:12hrs | Views
Chamisa has outlined his plan forward, indicating that he has shared a roadmap with key stakeholders and intends to unveil it in due time.

"We have conducted engagements with various stakeholders across the SADC region, even at the level of Heads of State. Delegations have been dispatched to capitals within the region and continent to brief esteemed leaders regarding the electoral dispute in Zimbabwe, the political impasse, and our proposed path forward," Chamisa stated during a press conference held in Harare on Monday.

Acknowledging the urgency of the matter, Chamisa emphasized the necessity of resolving the issues stemming from the August 2023 elections before considering political participation in 2028. "Let's address the issues of 2023 without waiting for 2028," he asserted.

Chamisa, who garnered over two million votes in the 2023 presidential election, expressed readiness to pursue a resolution as a national leader, steering clear of partisan politics.

"We cannot afford to relinquish, abandon, or squander that mandate. On September 26, 2023, we reached out to our regional body, SADC, as the custodian of the values and principles of the Southern African people's 'common agenda' and 'common will'," Chamisa explained, highlighting subsequent correspondences with SADC.

While awaiting a response from SADC, Chamisa stressed the populace's firm belief that the 2023 elections were flawed, inconclusive, and marred by manipulation. He called upon SADC and the AU to act in light of their condemnation of the election process.

Asserting that writing to SADC was not an act of desperation but a deliberate pursuit of peaceful resolution, Chamisa reiterated his commitment to finding common ground and peacefully resolving disputes.

Chamisa underscored his extensive efforts to engage various stakeholders, including presidential contenders and diplomatic representatives, in seeking a lasting solution to Zimbabwe's challenges. Despite challenges, he expressed hope for a peaceful resolution to the nation's political disputes.

Source - Pindula News
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