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Special goat breeding masterclass in Fort Rixon set to transform Matebeleland and Bulawayo's economy

by Mandla Ndlovu
28 May 2024 at 20:20hrs | Views
Bulembe Farm and its partners are set to host a groundbreaking initiative, a special Goat Breeding Masterclass which is scheduled to take place at Bulembe Farm in Fort Rixon, offering a unique opportunity that could potentially shape the economy of Matebeleland and Bulawayo. This transformative event aims to impart crucial skills and knowledge essential for practical entrepreneurs seeking opportunities in the goat farming sector.

The Masterclass, to be held at a farm in Fort Rixon, promises real-life, hands-on lessons delivered by experienced professionals in the field. Participants can expect to gain practical insights and expertise that can directly impact their ventures in goat breeding.

The Masterclass is strategically designed to equip entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to thrive in the goat farming industry, thereby contributing to the economic growth of Matebeleland and Bulawayo.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn directly from experienced personnel, engaging in hands-on activities and gaining valuable experience that can be applied in their own farming endeavors.

Attendees will not only benefit from the knowledge shared during the Masterclass but also have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and experts in the field, fostering valuable relationships and potential collaborations.

This Masterclass is a must-attend for practical entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the vast opportunities present in the goat breeding sector. Whether you are a beginner seeking to enter the industry or an experienced breeder looking to enhance your skills, this event provides a platform for growth and advancement in the field.

The event is set for the 16th of June 2024 at Bulembe Farm.

Source - Byo24News