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Zimbabwe adjusts age limit for kombi, bus drivers

by Staff reporter
30 May 2024 at 08:29hrs | Views
Under new plans aimed at curbing the surge in traffic accidents and fatalities, bus and kombi drivers will now need to be aged 30 and above. The Government hopes that by raising the minimum age requirement for all public service drivers, it can mitigate the risks associated with reckless driving.

This adjustment is intended to ensure that only mature and seasoned drivers operate public service vehicles, addressing concerns over the rising number of road traffic accidents, which claim over 2,000 lives annually, primarily due to negligent driving.

During a recent session in the Senate, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development Felix Mhona stated that the Ministry is working to synchronize the age limit for public service vehicle drivers. He highlighted that within the SADC region, the minimum age requirement for such drivers is 30 years, aiming to tackle the issue of overly enthusiastic and sometimes reckless drivers.

Minister Mhona emphasized the urgency of addressing the alarming accident statistics, noting that the country cannot sustain the loss of nearly five lives per day and the substantial economic impact associated with accidents.

Commuters welcomed the proposal to raise the minimum age limit for public service drivers, expressing concerns over the behavior of younger drivers on the road, while highlighting the benefits of experience and maturity that come with age.

However, the Zimbabwe Union of Drivers and Conductors (ZUDCO) expressed reservations, noting that while the proposal is noble, there is a limited pool of drivers over 25 years old. They suggested maintaining the 25-year age limit for smaller public service vehicles, emphasizing that drivers tend to prefer heavier-duty vehicles as they approach 30 years of age.

Source - The Herald
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