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King Munhumutapa challenges govt

by Staff reporter
30 May 2024 at 08:50hrs | Views
Timothy Chiminya, who goes by the title King Munhumutapa, recently oversaw the installment of Masimba Rubatika as Chief Seke, replacing Stanley Chimanikire. Despite government dismissal of his claims, Chiminya remains resolute in his role, asserting his authority in chief coronations nationwide.

"I am aware that certain individuals within government circles may attempt to obstruct my duties, accustomed as they are to corruption and bribery in matters of chieftaincy. However, their actions will not sway me," Chiminya declared.

He expressed concern over the manipulation of chieftaincy for personal interests, emphasizing that as King Munhumutapa, he adheres to traditional protocols in chief selection. According to Chiminya, consensus within the chieftainship family determines the rightful heir, as was the case with Rubatika's appointment.

Chiminya affirmed his intention to pursue legal recourse against those impeding his responsibilities, citing his authority to install chiefs. He referenced a 2022 High Court ruling affirming his status as Mambo Munhumutapa, following a dispute with the former Local Government minister.

In response to government dismissal of his claims, Chiminya initiated further legal action, seeking confirmation of his title as King Munhumutapa. He accused the government of disregarding the court's decision and announced plans to file contempt of court charges.

Additionally, Chief Nyathi asserted that he was appointed by King Munhumutapa as his spiritual representative in Matebeleland, emphasizing a historical tradition dating back to the 1700s.

However, Local Government and Public Works minister Daniel Garwe refuted Chiminya's claims, labeling him an impostor and citing the Constitution's lack of recognition for monarchs.

Source - newsday
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