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Zimbabwe hit by critical shortage of maths, science teachers

by Staff reporter
30 May 2024 at 08:51hrs | Views
Due to a severe shortage of teachers for critical subjects like mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry, the government has opted to recruit university graduates to fill these positions.

According to information obtained by NewsDay, the Ministry of Education has alerted the Public Service Commission (PSC) about the scarcity of educators for science-related subjects.

In a letter seen by NewsDay, PSC Secretary Rosemary Tsitsi Choruma-Dozwa stated that the commission has granted the Ministry of Education permission to hire university graduates lacking teaching experience for these roles.

"The ministry is facing challenges in finding candidates to fill Advanced Level posts to teach mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology," she explained.

"The Public Service Commission hereby grants the ministry authority to deploy university graduates with degrees in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology without pedagogy as Advanced Level teachers."

Choruma urged the ministry to collaborate with universities and colleges to enroll the newly-recruited teachers in mandatory post-graduate diploma programs during school holidays to equip them with pedagogical skills.

Zimbabwe has been grappling with significant emigration of skilled workers due to economic instability and low wages. The Zimbabwe Teachers Association estimates that approximately 300 teachers resign each month, exacerbating the shortage.

Currently, teachers are embroiled in a wage dispute with the government, with demands ranging from a minimum of US$540 for the least paid educator to as much as US$1,000 according to other teacher unions.

Similarly, the health sector is experiencing a significant skills flight, particularly among nurses and doctors, also due to poor remuneration.

Source - southern eye