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Ramaphosa's ANC must not give us a mini-apartheid

by Staff reporter
04 Jun 2024 at 02:36hrs | Views
In a powerful public pronouncement, ANC veteran Lindiwe Sisulu has called for a "Black Pact" alliance to counter the proposed coalition between the African National Congress and the Democratic Alliance (DA).

Sisulu's statement comes amidst growing speculation about a possible ANC-DA coalition following the ANC's poor performance in the recent national elections, where it secured little over 40% of the vote.

Instead of aligning with the DA, Sisulu proposed a coalition of black-led parties, which she referred to as a "Black Pact."

This alliance would include the ANC, MK, EFF, IFP, and PA, uniting under the common goals of black liberation and economic emancipation.

Speaking to The Star, Sisulu did not mince her words, describing the potential ANC-DA coalition as a "betrayal" of ANC supporters.

"A coalition will be a betrayal of those who strictly voted for the ANC. ANC supporters voted for their beloved party and not the DA. If they were fans of the DA, they would have voted as such, and yet they have not," said Sisulu.

Sisulu argued that a partnership with the DA would hinder the healing process of the nation.

"Black history in South Africa is painful, and many still bear the scars just like me. A marriage between the ANC and DA may not help with the healing process of this beautiful nation," she said.

Sisulu warned that allowing the DA to co-govern could lead to a resurgence of discriminatory practices reminiscent of apartheid.

"Allowing the DA to co-govern could bring about a mini-apartheid, as we see how the life of black people is in the Western Cape where the DA governs," she said.

"Or should we be asking ourselves why would the ANC even consider a union with the DA and not our natural allies and brothers and sisters in the form of a Black Pact of Progressive Forces? After all, the struggle for our liberation was mainly to disentangle black people from colonialism and apartheid chains. So why are we donating ourselves, including our inherent rich and painful history, to our oppressors?" said Sisulu.

Sisulu urged unity under a Black Pact flag, emphasising the importance of continuing the efforts towards black liberation.

She outlined an eight-point plan as the foundation for this proposed alliance which includes the following;

1. Anti-Corruption Charter: To promote clean governance.

2. Africanisation of the Law: Incorporating traditional leadership laws.

3. Curbing Illicit Capital Flight: Addressing the unnecessary loss of money from the country.

4. Revival and Stabilisation of SOEs: Restoring state-owned enterprises.

5. Creation of a Sovereign Fund: Using mining industry profits to fund free education.

6. Pushing National Health Insurance (NHI): Improving the safety and security of all citizens.

7. Land Reform: Returning land to its rightful owners, along with its resources.

8. Historical Mission: Emphasizing the significance of liberating black people.

9. Support for Palestine: Taking a clear position in support of the Palestinian people.

In a clarion call to black leaders Sisulu urged cooperation.

"I beg you to unite under one Black Pact flag to continue with the efforts of black liberation and economic emancipation."

Source - The Star