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Chinese mining investor Hualin Investments praised for developing Ward 17 in Pumula

by Mandla Ndlovu
05 Jun 2024 at 08:33hrs | Views
In a remarkable display of corporate social responsibility, Hualin Investments is setting a new standard for community engagement and sustainable development in Ward 17. Working closely with the Ward 17 Development Committee, Hualin Investments has undertaken a series of initiatives designed to improve local infrastructure, support education, and address environmental concerns, creating a lasting positive impact on the community.

According to online publication Down Below The Ward 17 Development Committee, a diverse collective of 30 members representing various residents' associations, sports representatives, vendors, village heads, and churches, has been instrumental in facilitating these engagements. Formed to address development issues within the ward, the committee has held several productive meetings with Hualin Investments to negotiate and implement projects that directly benefit the local community.

Among the most notable achievements is the installation of Jojo tanks in several villages, significantly improving water access. Hualin Investments procured five 5000-litre Jojo tanks for Methodist Village, Robert Sinyoka Village, St. Peters Village, and Pumula North residents. The company also donated a water pump to Robert Sinyoka Primary School, alleviating water challenges and helping revive the school's garden. Additionally, the Ward Development Committee collaborated with World Vision under the DREAMS Project to secure Jojo tank stands, with Hualin supporting transportation and communication efforts.

Hualin Investments' commitment to education is equally impressive. The company has paid school fees and examination registration for students in nine schools within Ward 17, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder educational opportunities. The company's monthly donations of food and groceries to Zimkids Day Care Orphanage Centre further highlight its dedication to supporting vulnerable groups.

The impact of Hualin's support extends to local sports and public activities. The Pumula Thandanani football club and the Bulawayo Athletic Team have received financial assistance for affiliation fees and registration. Hualin has also supported public consultations on the Disability Act, community events, and the National Fire Week launch in Mazwi Village by providing essential resources such as tents, chairs, and transportation.

Infrastructure development remains a priority for Hualin Investments. The company supplies quarry stones for local institutions, including Pumula High Secondary School, Amazwi Secondary, JW Mthimkula Primary School, and more. Residents of Ward 17 benefit from exclusive discounts on quarry purchases, making construction and refurbishment more affordable for low-income households.

Addressing environmental concerns, Hualin has worked with the community to mitigate the impact of blasting operations. By providing advance notifications and engaging with residents to explain safety measures, the company has ensured transparency and minimized disruptions. The Ward 17 councillor actively shares blasting notifications, and Ministry of Mines and Mining Development engineers supervise all activities.

Employment opportunities have flourished with Hualin Investments' presence, with over 90% of the company's workforce recruited from Ward 17. Many employees have advanced to skilled roles through Hualin's training programs, further boosting local economic development.

Road infrastructure is also set to improve, with ongoing negotiations to rehabilitate Ngena Road. Hualin's willingness to support this project underscores its commitment to enhancing residents' well-being and the area's overall development. Additionally, the committee is compiling a database of houses potentially affected by blasting activities to design a proper compensation strategy in collaboration with the Environmental Management Agency (EMA).

Thokozani Mabaleka, the Secretary for the Ward Development Committee, expressed heartfelt gratitude for Hualin Investments' contributions. "We are immensely thankful for the great work Hualin Investments is doing in our community. Their dedication to improving our living conditions, supporting education, and fostering sustainable development is truly commendable," said Mabaleka.

The Ward 17 Development Committee's engagements with Hualin Investments exemplify a commitment to sustainable investment and community well-being. Through continuous dialogue and collaboration, Hualin Investments and the Ward 17 community are working hand-in-hand to create a brighter, more prosperous future for all.