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Zimbabwe loses over US$400 million to road accidents every year

by Staff reporter
07 Jun 2024 at 02:28hrs | Views
ZIMBABWE is losing over US$400 million in costs related to road traffic accidents every year, a Zimbabwe Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) official has said.

TSCZ managing director Munesu Munodawafa said this while addressing driving school owners in the capital on Thursday.

He said at least 150 people die in an average of 4 250 accidents that occur every month throughout the country.

Munodawafa said it was disturbing that the country continued to register a high rate of accidents when there were so many driving schools.

He said on average, 6 people die in road traffic accidents every day, which translates to over 150 people per month, while 38 people are injured daily, adding that a road traffic accident is recorded every 15 minutes in the country.

"At least 4 250 is the average number of accidents caused by your products every month. These are the students whom you taught and who passed their examinations and are causing these accidents."

"Last year 2 099 which I think is about 5.8 people who die every single day on our roads. These are your products who are causing this. The students who would have passed through your driving schools and passed their tests are the ones who are giving us these figures," said Munodawafa.

He said it was shocking to note that a small country like Zimbabwe with a population of about 15 million people records a road accident every 15 minutes.

"In our village we are about 35 households with an average of 5 people per household, which is about 150-160 people in our village. What this means is that all these people die in one month due to road traffic accidents," he said, adding the numbers seem to be insignificant because the accidents are isolated and dotted around the country.

According to the United Nations (UN) study of 2019-2021, Zimbabwde is losing around US$406 million dollars in insurance, medical bills and other related expenses as a result of road accidents.

"The cost to Zimbabwe according to the UN study done in 2019 to 2021, US$406 million is what we lose. This is more than the cost of a power station," Munodawafa.

Speaking at the same event, Zimbabwe Republic Police Harare traffic district liaison officer, Assistant Inspector Simon Mugida implored driving schools to conduct their business professionally.

"We are losing a lot of lives on the roads because most of you are doing shortcuts. A learner comes to you and say I need a driver's licence in three days and I just want to do three lessons and you listen to that person."

"Maybe I don't know the benefit to your side, but you just give a learner three lessons and when that person goes to the Vehicle Inspection Department, he is issued a licence," she said, adding it was such people who were causing accidents as they do not understand road rules.

Assistant Inspector Mugida said the ZRP was very concerned about such developments in the sector as most reported accidents are a result of Human error.

He implored all driving schools to do their work professionally, saying if a person was not yet ready to get a licence, he must not be allowed to take the examination at the VID.

Source - New Ziana