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America blasted for imposing sanctions on ICC in bid to shield Israeli war crimes

by Tonderai Ndoro
10 Jun 2024 at 04:31hrs | Views
In a shocking display of disregard for human life and international justice, the United States has sanctioned the International Criminal Court (ICC) for its efforts to hold Israel accountable for war crimes in Gaza.

The ICC Sanctions Bill, passed by the House of Representatives with bipartisan support, aims to obstruct the ICC's investigation into the alleged genocide perpetrated by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his allies.

The legislation, opens new tab would impose sanctions on people involved in ICC prosecutions of Americans or citizens of U.S. allies that are not ICC members, including Israel.
It also would block such ICC officials' entry to the United States, revoke any U.S. visas and restrict them from U.S. property transactions.

Political analysts blasted the move saying the move was meant to threaten the ICC from carrying out its mandate objectively and independently."This move is a blatant example of American unilateralism and exceptionalism, which has gone unchecked for far too long," said Rino Muranda, a Zimbabwean political scientist based in South Africa.

He added that the ICC was established in 2002 to deliver international justice, but this bill effectively undermines its ability to function independently.
The sanctions imposed on individuals who attempt to investigate or prosecute war crimes include property sanctions and visa revocations, effectively intimidating the ICC into silence.

"The US hypocrisy is staggering, as it uses its global influence to shield perpetrators of genocide while claiming to champion human rights. The world must respond in kind to stop this egregious attempt to subvert international justice," said Sheila Chinyoka, a local University lecturer.

Encouragingly, European powers like France and Germany have condemned Israel's actions and moved to recognize the Palestinian State.
Zimbabwe has also recognized the Palestinian State and provided humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people.

Tendai Moyo, a political science student advised that the international community must unite to reject American bullying and ensure that the ICC can fulfill its mandate to deliver justice for victims of war crimes.
Moyo said that the world could not afford to let the US prioritize its political interests over human life and dignity

Source - Byo24News