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Zanu-PF quakes over Ramaphosa's ANC poll disaster

by Staff reporter
13 Jun 2024 at 01:57hrs | Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa addressed Zanu-PF supporters at a politburo meeting in Harare, rallying them against perceived Western interference aimed at weakening liberation movements in the region. This comes in the wake of the African National Congress (ANC) losing its parliamentary majority in South Africa's recent elections, prompting talks of a unity government.

Mnangagwa urged vigilance against what he termed "neo-imperial machinations" by detractors, emphasizing the need to defend Zimbabwe's independence and territorial integrity. He criticized foreign humanitarian funding that imposes conditions contrary to Zimbabwean cultural values, particularly referencing support for same-sex marriages.

The president affirmed Zimbabwe's rejection of foreign aid that undermines national identity and called for preserving African morals and traditions. Mnangagwa also appealed for unity within Zanu-PF amid internal factionalism over his proposed term extension beyond 2028.

Despite electoral setbacks and criticism from international observers, Mnangagwa's party, Zanu-PF, faces challenges from opposition forces, including the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), led by Nelson Chamisa. The president highlighted support from unexpected quarters within the opposition for his bid to retain power.

Overall, Mnangagwa's address underscored his administration's stance against foreign interference and its determination to uphold Zimbabwean sovereignty amidst internal and external challenges.

Source - newsday
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