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Activists in bizarre semi-nude demo

by Staff reporter
15 Jun 2024 at 13:19hrs | Views
In Bulawayo, residents were surprised on Thursday by the appearance of two half-naked men adorned in traditional Zulu/Ndebele attire, with one displaying his bare backside. The individuals, identified as Shane Plaatjies from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and Samuel Dube from Goboza village in Gwanda, Matabeleland South province, explained that their unconventional act aimed to revive the concept of ubuntu and protest against colonial influences that have eroded African cultural values.

Speaking to NewsDay Weekender, Plaatjies described their action as a "protest walk" against ongoing oppression and injustices faced by indigenous peoples, highlighting issues such as democracy in South Africa and the plight of the Khoisan people. He emphasized the need for Africa to reclaim its identity and challenge mental slavery imposed by colonial legacies.

Dube, reflecting on their spiritual journey, stressed their role as custodians of the land, advocating for unity among Africans and criticizing current leaders for perpetuating divisions inherited from colonial rule. The duo plans to extend their walk across multiple African countries, with Namibia as their next destination.

Their presence in Bulawayo sparked mixed reactions among locals, with some engaging curiously while others expressed disapproval of their attire. This incident evoked memories of similar protests by individuals in Zimbabwe's history, such as the 2021 case of the Highfield twins arrested in Harare for walking naked and reciting prayers, later found to be mentally unstable.

Plaatjies and Dube's provocative stance underscores ongoing discussions about cultural identity and resistance against historical injustices across the continent.

Source - newsday