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Zimbabweans spend too much time on porn sites

by Staff reporter
21 Jun 2024 at 11:15hrs | Views
Zimbabweans are spending too much time on porn, betting and social media sites, as these are the top 10 websites visited by people in the country.

This was revealed by Potraz CIRT & Enforcement Deputy Director Evidence Mazhindu during an interview with a ZiFM Stereo News in Gweru, Midlands province on the sidelines of a Sensitisation and Awareness Workshop on the Cyber and Data Protection Act.

Statistics at hand show that adult entertainment sites and betting platforms make it into the top ten of most visited sites by Zimbabweans.

"Out of the top 10 sites in Zimbabwe, its betting, its pornography and Facebook, where are we going? The youngsters are idle," said Mr Mazhindu.

"What can be done if you notice in Mauritius, their top 10 sites; two of them are research based. We need to have a lot of research grants, where these guys (young people) have time and resources to work on research.

"Obviously an idle mind is the devil's workshop. We need to have national grants to be channelled to these talented students so that they contribute to national development.

Source - The Chronicle