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Cheaters caught red-handed

by Staff reporter
21 Jun 2024 at 06:29hrs | Views
In a dramatic incident in Honde Valley, Frank Manyande was caught red-handed by Kenneth Sanhewe while in a compromising position with Sanhewe's wife in their matrimonial bedroom. This occurred while their children were asleep in the same room. Upon being discovered, Manyande physically attacked Sanhewe but was eventually brought before Chief Mutasa's traditional court for judgment.

Sanhewe demanded compensation for the harm done to his marriage. Manyande, admitting guilt, pleaded for forgiveness and expressed remorse for disrespecting both Sanhewe and his own wife. Chief Mutasa, however, handed down a stern judgment: Manyande was fined four cattle and four goats for his actions. The court emphasized the seriousness of Manyande's offenses, including not using protection during the affair and endangering Sanhewe's health.

Sanhewe expressed deep hurt and indignation over the disrespect shown to him, especially in his own home and in front of his children. He lamented that the act had defiled his matrimonial bed and new blankets. Manyande, understanding the gravity of his actions, agreed to comply with the court's ruling and pay the fines by August 8.

The court also ordered Manyande to retrieve his clothes from Sanhewe's house only after he had fully compensated Sanhewe. The case highlights the societal repercussions and personal trauma caused by infidelity and the violation of marital sanctity.

Source - The ManicaPost