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Founders High School acquires 72-seater bus

by Staff reporter
23 Jun 2024 at 05:32hrs | Views
Founders High School in Bulawayo celebrated a significant milestone as it unveiled its first-ever 72-seater bus, marking a historic occasion since its establishment in 1952. The event was filled with jubilation as the school community gathered to witness the bus's inauguration, which included a triumphant tour of the neighborhood.

Acting District Schools Inspector, Ms. Jessie Ncube, hailed the acquisition as more than just a vehicle addition, emphasizing its role in enhancing safety, visibility, and opportunities for educational and extracurricular activities. She commended the school administration and the School Development Committee (SDC) for their dedication in making the day possible.

Ms. Ncube highlighted that the new bus will ensure safer and more comfortable transportation for students, facilitating increased participation in school programs and reducing barriers to access. Additionally, she emphasized its role as a mobile billboard, promoting the school's brand within the community.

The headmistress, Mrs. Dorothea Moyo, expressed immense joy, naming the bus "Excellence." She underscored Founders High School's commitment to excellence in academics, sports, and extracurriculars, noting the bus's pivotal role in supporting students across various activities.

Speaking on behalf of the School Development Committee, Mr. Dumisani Ncube expressed gratitude to parents and guardians for their support, envisioning the bus as a means to enrich students' educational experiences. He outlined future plans for the school, including enhancing security with a perimeter wall and developing agro-business ventures.

Parents shared their excitement, relieved that the school now has its own bus, eliminating the need to hire for activities and trips, which had previously strained school finances. They expressed optimism for the future and pledged continued support for upcoming school initiatives.

Overall, the unveiling of the new bus symbolizes a significant step forward for Founders High School, promising enhanced educational opportunities and community engagement.

Source - The Sunday News
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