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Chinese coal miner under siege in Hwange

by Staff reporter
23 Jun 2024 at 05:35hrs | Views
Philcool Investments, owned by Shepherd Tundiya, recently engaged in a contentious seizure of coke valued at over US$500,000 from Hwange Coal Gasification Company (HCGC) in Matabeleland North's Hwange area. This action followed a provisional court order granted by High Court judge Justice Never Katiyo permitting Philcool to remove 3,800 tonnes of coke from HCGC's processing plant without police interference.

The incident, marked by gunfire and the destruction of property, saw Philcool loading approximately 2,400 tonnes of coke into trucks by midday Friday, despite HCGC's assertion that the provisional order was invalid and unverified. HCGC had filed an urgent High Court application to halt the seizure, naming Philcool and various law enforcement officials as respondents. They argued that the provisional order lacked proper court procedures and posed a severe threat to their operations and financial stability.

Security guards at HCGC reportedly fired warning shots to deter Philcool's attempts to forcibly enter the premises with heavy equipment. The conflict underscores ongoing legal disputes between the two companies stemming from a failed transportation deal dating back to October 2017. Former court rulings have already mandated substantial payments from HCGC to Philcool, complicating their current legal and operational challenges.

The situation remains tense as HCGC seeks legal recourse amidst concerns over business disruption and potential financial repercussions.

Source - southern eye
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