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Zimbabwe adopts a penalty points system for traffic offences

by Staff reporter
24 Jun 2024 at 10:45hrs | Views
Zimbabwe is adopting a penalty points system for traffic offences, which will automatically suspend or revoke a driver's license once a certain point limit is reached.

This initiative aims to urgently address traffic violations and reduce road accidents. Currently, minor traffic offences in Zimbabwe result in fines without further consequences.

The system will keep a record of demerit points for drivers, with minor infringements accruing fewer points and serious offences more. This measure, discussed by Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe managing director Mr. Munesu Munodawafa, Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson Commissioner Paul Nyathi, and Zimbabwe Passenger Transport Organisation (ZPTO) chairperson Dr. Samson Nhanhanga, is intended to encourage compliance with road rules.

Mr. Munodawafa emphasized that the policy is a response to the high rate of accidents caused by human error, which accounts for about 94 percent of road accidents in Zimbabwe. The government, led by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development Mr. Felix Mhona, seeks to improve driver behavior through this system.

Commissioner Nyathi noted that rogue drivers will face consequences under the new system, which will involve police enforcement. The initiative is part of a broader ICT integration strategy by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage to automate processes for better efficiency and effectiveness.

Dr. Nhanhanga supported the implementation of the penalty points system but also called for raising the age limit for bus drivers.

Source - The Herald