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Bulawayo calls for information that attracts investors

by Staff reporter
24 Jun 2024 at 11:06hrs | Views
Permanent Ngoma, director of the Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association, emphasized the importance of public entities sharing information to attract investors to Zimbabwe. 

Speaking at a community media event organized by Community Podium and the Zimbabwe Media Commission, Ngoma stressed that access to information plays a crucial role in fostering development and community involvement.
Ngoma highlighted that transparent communication from local and central government authorities is essential for residents to participate in and benefit from community development initiatives. She underscored that communities need accurate information to address challenges effectively and contribute meaningfully to city development.

Referencing the United Nations, Ngoma pointed out that under-developed countries often struggle due to insufficient information flow, which hinders transparency, accountability, and public trust in local governance. She called for improved access to information to dispel misinformation and ensure informed decision-making among residents.

Ngoma's remarks come amidst criticism directed at various public institutions for withholding operational information from the public, underscoring the need for greater transparency in governmental and public sector communications.

Source - newsday