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'Zacc, Parly must probe Beam funds abuse'

by Staff reporter
10 Jul 2024 at 02:52hrs | Views
A social justice group has called for investigations by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission and Parliament into alleged mismanagement and misuse of funds meant for the Basic Education Assistance Module (Beam). Beam, a government initiative since 2001, aims to support underprivileged learners by covering tuition fees and examination costs.

Reports indicate that some schools have not received Beam payments for years, despite the program's mandate to assist at least 1.8 million learners out of an estimated six million. Underfunding and mismanagement issues have plagued Beam, leading to delays in fee payments and hindering access to education for sponsored children.

Acknowledging widespread abuse and mismanagement within Beam, the government has admitted to challenges in fund disbursement. The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (Zimcodd) highlighted inadequate funding compounded by corruption, citing irregularities in fund utilization in places like Gokwe. They have urged adherence to international education financing commitments, including the Abuja Declaration recommending 9% of GDP to education.

Zimcodd also critiqued the 2024 Zimbabwe budget's allocation of 17.7% to education, falling short of the 20% recommended by the Dakar Declaration. They emphasized the need for robust domestic resource mobilization to strengthen the funding base for education and social services, amidst currency fluctuations impacting allocated funds' efficacy.

Source - newsday