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Man losses arm after a suicide attempt

by Byo24News
07 Apr 2011 at 09:16hrs | Views
Trust Mwedzi of House No. 3331 Budiriro 2, sustained bruises all over his body after the train dragged him for metres along the railway line.  Trust lost his arm when he threw himself in front of a moving train near the Zimbabwe Leaf Tobacco premises, to the horror of commuters.
Trust was quickly rushed to Harare Central Hospital for treatment. Police confirmed the incident. "It was between 0800 hours and 0900hrs near the ZLT company where tobacco farmers were waiting to sell their produce when he rushed from the bush holding a trousers in his hands. "He then went to lie on the railway line in a bid to commit suicide. The motive is not yet established," said Harare police spokesperson Inspector James Sabau.
According to some vendors and other farmers who rushed to the incident, Trust was seen walking along the railway line holding his pair of trousers. "He walked for a distance before he suddenly headed for the oncoming train. We heard the train hooting and later a booming sound and he was nowhere to be found.
"This man was lucky to have survived. Had it that he was lying across the railway line he could have been crushed. "Fortunately, he just lost his arm in the accident," said one farmer who claimed to have witnessed the whole incident.
Onlookers who gathered around to witness Trust as he was about to be ferried to hospital suspect that the man was bewitched by a lady he slept with the previous night. "He told the police who were here (at the scene) that he was bewitched by a certain lady he spent the night with. He was complaining about his trousers, claiming that it was giving him problems to wear.
"It seems he came from the lady's place without a trousers. He was only wearing a football jersey with all his private parts uncovered. "Many people saw him before the train hit him," said one of the farmers. One food vendor said that she actually saw Trust's buttocks uncovered as well. "I just saw his buttocks as he was wearing nothing at all. But other women really saw his bits," she said.
It was said that Trust had hired one of prostitutes plying her trade in the area for a one night stand popularly known as Madzimai Ema Four Plates. The woman, who was identified as Mai Hazvi, was suspected of bewitching Trust through runyoka. "Word doing the rounds here is that Mai Hazvi vanished into thin air as soon as her name was linked to the incident.
"That man (Trust) is said to have tried to call her while he was still lying on the railway line. "Some people claimed to have seen her as she walked away," said the farmers. When reporters arrived at the scene, many farmers had left their tobacco loaded trucks unattended to take a glimpse of the injured man.
However, one police officer added insult to injury when he brought the cut off hand in a plastic bag straight into the eyes of groaning Trust. His pain could be felt in the crowd as some people screamed in fear. And a traumatised Trust closed his eyes in shock and disbelief as the policeman softly laid the bleeding hand on his side.
Trust's elder sister, Hilda Mwedzi, who works at Harare Central Hospital had this to say: "What all those people said were lies. My brother was not mentally-challenged neither was he bewitched. "He was never with the lady they were talking about as I was with him at home all night. "We left home together at around 8am when I was coming to work. That was the last time that I saw him.
"Little did I know that he had other plans," said Hilda. Quizzed what could have prompted her brother to attempt to take his own life, Hilda said: "He had been struggling with stomach pains for almost a month. We tried all our best but nothing was coming up.
"We consulted so many doctors and we even came here at Harare Central Hospital for treatment but to no avail. "When there was no improvement we had him tested for HIV and AIDS and he tested negative. "I don't understand where the runyoka thing is coming from as my brother slept at home and is very single.
"All I can say is that he complained of putting the family on hard times when we tried to help him" she said. Hilda said that Trust is a bona fide Anglican church member who never said a word related to suicide.
"I don't know what went wrong today but he never talked of committing suicide. "He is at Harare Hospital where he was in theatre. But he is recovering well. "He only lost his arm but he is not in that bad condition. "Trust is speaking and given the chance he can tell his story. It's just that we don't want you (reporters) to talk to him at the moment," she said.

Source - Byo24News
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