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Man confesses to molesting more than 6000 women using 'bluetooth sex' mubobobo

by Staff Reporter
04 May 2013 at 17:07hrs | Views
A 40-year-old Harare man, Thomas Rueben was nabbed at Makombe passport office while 'molesting' an unidentified woman.

Rueben had been operating at Makombe for the past 3 years. H-Metro claim that his 'business' was to have what they referred to as "BLUETOOTH" or mubobobo sex with women every day.

It is said the unidentified woman who was in the queue started experiencing a strange feeling as if she was in the middle of a sex act.

She reacted swiftly realizing that Rueben was performing sexually suggestive moves while taking snuff.

He (Rueben) was only rescued by police details as the mob jostled to mete instant justice on him.

Speaking to H-Metro, Reuben said he was given the juju by a sangoma from Nyamaropa in Madziva who claimed it was a charm for ladies.

He said he doesn't remember the exact number of women he molested but they were more than 6000.

"I use snuff (bute) ndinotosarudza kuti nhasi ndirikuda katete here, kana akabatana, mutema kana mutsvuku and I enjoy mubobobo than real sex. I started using mubobobo in 1999 after I was given it by my uncle in Nyamaropa who told me that it's a charm for ladies.

"I have been frequenting Makombe since 2011 to have sex with different women in queues. I was married but my wife decided to go after I failed to satsify her but I managed to have children with her.

"I could sometimes track a beautiful lady in the street until she stops in a crowd or shops then accomplish my mission."

He however said his juju is not possible on girls who have never slept with a man.

"At times I am disappointed with virgins, it does not work" he said, adding, "I just take my snuff and walk around my target and I automatically connect, I take close to two minutes ndisatondatu***."

Reuben who has been enjoying remote-sex for more than a decade said he was tired of being embarrassed when caught and has decided to call it quits.

"Ndaneta nekurohwa nekunyadziswa, handichada. I am looking forward to going back to Madziva but I don't know if the sangoma is still alive.

"The ladies at Makombe also destroyed my equipment and I am feeling safe now because as long I have them and ndikangoona chandinakidza ndobva ndada kutochimhanyira," he said.
Source - H Metro