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Its 'legally impossible' to have elections at the end of June says MDC-T

by Tichaona Sibanda
06 May 2013 at 23:38hrs | Views
The MDC-T on Monday said it is 'legally impossible' to have elections at the end of June this year, as suggested by the former ruling ZANU PF party.

Party spokesman Douglas Mwonzora added that it is also both 'physically and logically' impossible to 'sleep walk' into an election without implementing reforms that were agreed to at the consummation of the GPA.

The raging debate on when elections should be held comes at a time when the MDC-T has counter-proposed the 3rd August as the date for holding the harmonized elections.

On Saturday Mugabe had once again told members of his party in Harare that the life of the inclusive government would come to an end on June 29th, vowing that no negotiation for an extension could be entertained by ZANU PF.

Insisting that elections should be held on or before June 29th, when the life of the current Parliament expires, Mugabe told his supporters: 'The clock is ticking. This is May and by the end of June, whether anyone likes it or not, time will be up for elections.'

However, Mwonzora told SW Radio Africa that events leading to the announcement of an election date is process driven and needs all principals to the GPA to put their heads together. It is not for Mugabe to force matters.

'The GPA makes it clear that the date of election has to be agreed between the President and the Prime Minister. What Mugabe is saying about elections is empty bravado and he's well known for that,' stated Mwonzora.

He explained further: 'We have to be satisfied with the state of the voters roll, we must carry out an audit of the voters roll so that this election does not produce disputed results again.'

The leader of the smaller MDC formation, Welshman Ncube, also waded into the election storm created by Mugabe, arguing that the processes that are involved for the country to hold credible polls would take up to 56 days.

Speaking to the independent Daily News, Ncube stated that the earliest date by which elections can be held is mid-August, if legal processes are to be followed correctly.

Meanwhile Parliament resumes seating on Tuesday, with Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Eric Matinenga tabling the draft constitution for adoption.

Mwonzora said the presentation of the Bill to both Houses will be a formality, as not much debate is expected from the MP's and Senators.

Recently Minister Matinenga told us he had confidence the draft constitution Bill will receive a two thirds majority when it is presented to Parliament for debate on Tuesday.

He said since parliament had already adopted the draft, he was confident that the draft will receive the two thirds majority paving way for Mugabe to sign it in to law.

The three chief whips representing ZANU PF, MDC-T and the MDC in parliament have all indicated that legislators from their respective parties will vote in favour of the Bill.

ZANU PF chief whip, Joram Gumbo, Innocent Goneso of the MDC-T and Edward Mkhosi of the smaller MDC said they do not expect any objections to the passing of the Bill from their party members.

Source - SW Radio