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Police inspector arrested for selling a police ID

by Crime Reporter
16 May 2013 at 05:38hrs | Views
A police inspector has been arrested on allegations of selling a police identification card for US$90 to a suspected thief who used it to extort various people in and around Harare.

The officer, who was based at the ZRP printers section, was arrested on Tuesday after being implicated by the suspect.

Sources close to the investigations yesterday said the officer was arrested following the arrest of the suspect and his accomplice on Tuesday afternoon after extorting US$600 from a deputy pharmacist who is based at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals.

It is alleged that the suspect and his accomplice approached the deputy pharmacist and accused him of stealing and selling drugs from the hospital. The suspect approached him alleging that he was a police officer and wanted to search his house.

Police said the deputy pharmacist complied and took the suspect and his accomplice to his home where a search was conducted but they did not find any drugs.

The two suspects then demanded US$2 500 to free their 'victim' and he phoned his sister who is based at Tobacco Sales Floor.

They went to TSF where the suspects were given US$600. Along the way, one of the suspects sent a message to his accomplice informing him that they should find a way to dump the victim.

The text message was seen by the victim and while they were passing by Southerton Police Station, the victim grabbed one of the suspects by the neck and called for help.

Police went to the scene and discovered that the two were bogus policemen, leading to their arrest.

Investigations revealed that one of the suspects had been 'issued' with the police identity card by the police inspector.

The inspector was then arrested and the three are expected to appear in court today.

Police are on record saying they would not hesitate to discharge any rotten apples from the force.

Recently, ZRP said it would not tolerate corruption and any nefarious activities among its members and would invoke the necessary legal statutes on all those accused of the vice.

The force uses the Police Act to discipline members if they are found on the wrong side of its norms and values.

Source - herald