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'US, Britain must engage with Zimbabwe,' says Lindiwe Zulu

by Staff reporter
06 Sep 2013 at 05:23hrs | Views
The American and British governments and their allies should immediately engage with Zimbabwe and lift their illegal sanctions, South African President Jacob Zuma's international relations advisor Ms Lindiwe Zulu has said.

Ms Zulu told US based news agency Bloomberg News in Johannesburg yesterday that President Mugabe was a sharp leader and had worked for his victory and "Europe and America must stop this 'stop and watch' approach that they have for Zimbabwe."

President Mugabe secured 61.09 percent of the valid vote cast and Zanu-PF captured more than the two-thirds majority threshold in parliament, while Mr Tsvangirai weighed in with 33.94 percent of the vote.

Sadc, the African Union, African Caribbean Pacific, Chinese, the UN among other progressive groups have endorsed the election as free, fair and credible.

Ms Zulu endorsed the indigenisation and economic empowerment drive saying it was time Africa benefited from its resources.

"It is time that the economic benefits from our countries benefit Africans as well," said Ms Zulu.

Ms Zulu attributed President Mugabe and Zanu-PF's victory to adeptness.

"Even though they were held in haste, President Robert Mugabe campaigns throughout his tenure. He knows the game, he understands it and he is sharp," he said.

Political analyst and diplomat Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa said when all was said and done, people should realise that Ms Zulu was a war veteran.

"The whites thought they had found a sell-out in her. They overlooked her liberation war credentials. The people should know that as a comrade, Zulu felt at home with Zanu-PF victory.

"Zulu is a comrade; it's only natural that after she looks at the vote and the result, she goes back to that comradeship.

"She went to Angola and fought under ANC as a comrade. She was in the trenches alongside the MPLA and Frelimo comrades," he said.

Political scientist Professor Jonathan Moyo said every success had many fathers and many followers.

"Our electoral victory has been so emphatic, so comprehensive that its consequences cannot be ignored. The victory is an expression of the exemplary leadership on the part of President Mugabe and very concrete policies.

"Through articulation of policies that are grounded in our historical situation driven by a liberation ideology and aimed at benefiting all our people, we won.

"These things are so compelling that it is not surprising that everyone including many previously doubting Thomases now want to associate with Zanu-PF," he said.

Source - herald