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Man thoroughly bashed for using mubobobo

by Staff reporter
26 Sep 2013 at 18:17hrs | Views
About 30 women based at a mine in Penhalonga ran amok and meted instant justice on a mine employee they believed possessed the abhorred supernatural powers in which he could have non-consensual sex without them noticing (mubobobo).

The women were later aided by several other residents who forced management at Golden Kopje Mine to evict the man and his father from the compound saying they had stretched their patience to the limit and could not stomach the secretive sexual exploit anymore.

The suspect was identified as Wonder Chiweshe and his father - a security guard with Guard Alert - were force-marched from the compound as the marauding women bayed for their blood. The matter was not reported to police.

It is reported that the Chiweshes were only saved by mine security guards who came to the rescue and escorted the pair off the mine compound. Their belongings were ferried in a hired truck following the melee.

"The women were agitated and wanted to beat Wonder and his father for using mubobobo on them. Two weeks ago, Wonder was caught in the mubobobo act and allegedly confessed. He said he does it with his father. After this act several women came forward and said they were seeing Wonder in their dreams having sex with him and they would wake up tired the next morning.

"On Tuesday morning more than 30 women besieged the Chiweshe residence, demanding the immediate eviction of Wonder and his father. They complained that their lives and marriages were in danger because of the mubobobo being perpetrated against them by the two. At first Wonder and his father refused to leave their lodgings, but the crowd grew bigger and they eventually left the area. Managers at the mine also intervened and made sure that transport was made available to ferry the family's property off the compound," said Mrs Makaza who witnessed the incident.
Last week, Kelvin Manditereza from Penhalonga wrote to The Weekender complaining about the mubobobo issue.

"Through your paper Editor, allow me to express how people in Redwing Mine village in Penhalonga including myself are feeling towards a known mubobobo man who stays in the same village. Today he entered in a neighbour's house at around 1pm wrapped himself in a blanket, but undressed. After two women in the house shouted, he escaped and residents tried to run after him, but to no avail.

"Last week at the bathrooms where ladies do their laundry, three women screamed when they saw the culprit displaying his private parts in public, but unfortunately one of them was already spoiled with semen on the back of her skirt. Asking the victim what had happened she just said she experienced a moment of dizziness. Editor this is witchcraft.

"On the other day at the late Mr Mwanza's funeral last year in the same neighbourhood, he was caught red-handed in Oldwest in one of the tuck-shops. He was found busy 'working' on a school child around 15 years and his semen was seen flowing down the uniform skirt. Our daughters, wives and sisters in Penhalonga are now afraid of him. ZRP, please can you do something to this issue," said Manditereza.

Efforts to get a comment from the mine management concerning Tuesday's fracas were fruitless at the time of going to print. The director general of the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers' Association, Mr George Kandiero, said mubobobo was an act of witchcraft which needed traditional cleansing.

"Yes, the community acted correctly by chasing away those perpetrators from the neighbourhood, but the story does not end there because those people will perpetrate the same acts wherever they are heading to. So when such things happen you need to call Zinatha and get assistance to remove the mubobobo completely which in itself is an act of witchcraft," he said.
Source - weekender