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Motorists must have litter bins in their cars or risk a $15 fine

by Staff reporter
03 Dec 2013 at 04:03hrs | Views
MOTORISTS must have litter bins in their vehicles or risk a $15 fine, the Environmental Management Agency has said.

In an interview during the anti-littering campaign in Harare yesterday, EMA education and publicity officer Mr Rambwayi Mapako said passengers face the same penalty.

He said EMA has roped in the Zimbabwe Republic Police to help enforce the regulations which apply to both private and public transport owners.

The campaign was attended by motorists, commuter omnibus drivers and public transport operators.

"We will not be deterred on fining motorists who will be found without litter bins or those vehicles whose passengers throw litter through the window. We cannot do it alone and people have to assist or contact us when people are found not to be compliant.

"Passengers in public transport must ask the driver or conductor where their litter bin is so that they do not encounter problems. Passengers caught throwing litter through the window and the driver will be fined $15 each," said Mr Mapako.

Greater Harare Council of Commuter Operators secretary general Mr Ngoni Katsvairo applauded the move saying it will assist in reducing road carnage during the festive season.

"Having litter bins in public transport vehicles will assist in reducing the number of accidents we experience during the festive season. At times passengers throw litter through the window which cause accidents," he said.

Mr Katsvairo urged commuter omnibus owners to encourage their kombi crews to have the litter bins.

Source - herald