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Man tells court wife's juju made his manhood mysteriously disappear

by Staff Reporter
02 Jan 2014 at 05:37hrs | Views
A Harare man recently left a court gallery spine-chilled after claiming that his wife had used charms to make his manhood mysteriously disappear.

Batsirai Zisengwe bared it all at the Harare Civil Court where he had been dragged by his wife Caroline Muchimbwe who was seeking a protection order against him. The troubled man told the court that his manhood had mysteriously disappeared because of his wife's juju.

Caroline had approached the courts seeking legal protection amid allegations that Batsirai insults her even in front of her workmates.

"My husband insults me at home and in front of my workmates, accusing me of being promiscuous. I'm so faithful to my marriage and he has never caught me cheating, he is just being suspicious only," she said.

The woman further accused her husband of neglecting the family and failing to fend for his own children's upkeep.

"He is failing to stomach the fact that he is unemployed while I work for the family. I do everything including buying clothes, buying the food that he also eats with his children. Chake kunditi wave kuonererwa nemari yauri kuwana kubasa kwako. I even gave him money to acquire a driver's license but he failed to get it. When I decided to go and get my own driver's license I easily got it and he again accused me of cheating with the officials to get the license," she said.

Responding to the allegations, Batsirai agreed that some of the claims were true indeed.

"Some of what she said is true and I did so for a reason. What worries me is the time that she comes home from work. She knocks off at 6.30pm but she gets home at 12 midnight. When I confronted her she only said she will be dealing. What kind of deals are conducted in the middle of the night?" he said.

Batsirai then pulled a shocker in court when he revealed that his 'sperm spitting cobra' had disappeared because of his wife's juju.

"Your Worship, after arguing with this woman my penis mysteriously disappeared. Now I'm having problems with having sex and I'm sure she is the trouble-causer," he said.

But the wife maintained that her husband was just bitter that he was not taking part in looking after the family while Caroline was doing everything.

"He is just bitter that he is failing to look after his own family. Whatever I do (for the family) I will be doing it whole-heartedly. I normally get home at around 9pm because I will be waiting for kombis to reduce their bus fares since they will be charging more money during peak hours. I do laundry for other people. I can't just come home early then tongoswera takatarisana. I will be trying to make ends meet too," she said.

Responding to the mysterious disappearance of her husband's "sexual weapon of mass destruction", the woman professed ignorance but admitted that indeed the manhood had disappeared.

"Regarding his manhood, he is just accusing me because he says there is a prophet who fingered me but I never did anything. I think he is just stressed because he doesn't sleep at night. He spends the whole night awake. He has even showed our children and my other relatives his privates, accusing me of using juju on him but I know nothing about that. I love my husband so much," she said.

Magistrate Rebecca Kavhiya, who presided over the case granted the protection order in Caroline's favour but advised her to respect her husband even if he is not employed.
Source - MyZim