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Zimbabwe MPs can't resist beautiful hookers

by Staff Reporter
07 Jan 2014 at 09:05hrs | Views
KWEKWE - Members of Parliament forget their constituencies because of prostitutes and the high quality hotel life they get exposed to during parliamentary sessions, House of Assembly representative for Kwekwe constituency Masango Matambanadzo has said.

Addressing hundreds of flea market and vegetable vendors on Saturday, Matambanadzo, who won his first term of office in the July 31 elections, said he had come across very beautiful prostitutes accosting MP's at their hotels.

"The life up there is tempting with very beautiful ladies of the night, some of whom pretend they can't even speak Shona coming to hotel rooms with your MPs this is why they forget you," he said.

"They only come back after five years so that you can renew their life in the hotels and the good and beautiful ladies in their rooms."

Matambanadzo, however, said he would not forget his constituency and would continue to empower the poor.

"I am a Grade Two dropout who needs a lot of time to go through papers given in Parliament and my interests are to ensure we uplift the lives of the poor, so I will not be swayed by ladies of the night or high hotel life like the others before me," said Matambanadzo.

The MP launched a co-operative which will see flea market and vegetable vendors contribute a dollar everyday towards a common fund which will be managed by the MP's wife.

Matambanadzo said the money will be used to assist the vendors with capital and to fund other projects like housing.

"I will send you to China to buy stuff for resale and even talk to council so that we get stands to build houses for all the members in the association. We need at least 5 000 members who pay a dollar everyday towards this fund," he said.

In the face of massive collapse of industry in Kwekwe most people have been reduced to flea market vendors, illegal gold panners and commercial sex workers.
Matambanadzo said he hoped the project would see him change the lives of the people who voted for him in the past elections.

"I might be a Grade Two dropout, but my brains are big and I am going to change the lives of the people in Kwekwe," he said.

Source - NewsDay