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Woman and daughter drag man to court for maintenance

by Staff Reporter
09 Jan 2014 at 04:35hrs | Views
On Tuesday, with the help of her daughter a Bulawayo woman dragged her husband to court demanding $3,815 maintenance, accusing him of neglecting his family.

Munetsi Masedewe, who is co-director at Harare-based Gammatec Services, has reportedly abandoned his family and is co-habiting with his new girlfriend in the capital.

His wife Manyara Masedewe of Nkulumane and her daughter Brenda, 20, told magistrate Victor Mpofu that he had abandoned them.

"He deserted us and went to live with his girlfriend in Harare. Now we are suffering.

"These children do not even have clothes and food. We are surviving on church handouts," said Manyara.

She added: "We had a good lifestyle before. He spoiled these children and now I cannot give them what they were used to."

She said as schools open next week her children do not have uniforms and money for fees.

Manyara also told the court that her husband had stolen their child two years back.

"Sir, I was deprived of seeing my daughter for two years. He stole her from school and went to live with her in Harare.

"It was through a court order that I was able to get my child back, even his lawyer was present," she blasted.

When asked by Mpofu if her husband had money, Manyara said he had lots of it.

She said: "Sir, mari iripo apa, anecompany yake uyu ahh (The money is there he owns his own company."

She asked the court to compel her husband to buy the children groceries before he returns to Harare.

In response Mpofu said he could only do what was within the framework of the law.

Brenda also said her father had deserted them and accused him of refusing to pay for her tertiary education.

Through his lawyer, Vhurandeni Makuku who is based in Harare, Masedewe said they needed ample time to prepare for the case as he  had not had enough time to do so.

He said: "Your worship my client received the summons on the 4th of this month while I only received them yesterday (Tuesday). As such we are appealing that the matter be moved to January 24."

He also said Brenda and her mother would be given Masedewe's response before the court date to allow them to prepare a response as well.

Mpofu deferred both cases to January 24.

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