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'I never said Mugabe is dead' says Baba Jukwa

by Staff Reporter
12 Jan 2014 at 06:33hrs | Views

Controversial still unknown Facebook character Baba Jukwa has made a cowardly statement disassociating himself from the widely spread news of President Robert Mugabe's death in Asia.

In his Facebook update 11 January, Baba Jukwa claims never to have said that President Mugabe had died or was dying in Asia.

"Great Zimbabweans, I am getting these messages in my in box, I wish to remind those my attackers that I never said Mugabe is dead, you can yell whatever you want if you have ability to read you can have a read on all my posts, asijiki!" Read the statement.

Surprisingly, it was Baba Jukwa who broke the news of President Mugabe being urgently flown out of the country in a good as dead state. Jukwa claimed he had got inside information from State house that the 89 year old President was definitely in his final hours or implied could have already met his fate.

The news of President Mugabe's not so good health started as a rumour amongst social networks resulting in Baba Jukwa taking the bull by it horns and promising readers to find out and update them on the president's health.

In his update on 29 December 2013, Baba Jukwa took it upon himself to follow up the matter which he termed the fulfilment of prophet a Kenyan prophet, Maxillar Mumo who on the 30th July predicted that President Robert Mugabe was going to die soon.

"Mugabe death story.

Could this be the fulfilment of prophet Mumo's prediction? Great Zimbabweans many of you have been bothering me about this story. I have checked here and I can tell you he is not dead (yet). Charamba says it is not true. I will be constantly be checking however if he is lying to us the truth will come out. " Was his update.

Indeed as indicated, Baba Jukwa came back on the 2nd of January with probably the most damning of his updates on the President's health. Jukwa did not mince his words that President Mugabe was in his last hours as there was nothing that was going to spare the President from imminent death except the grace of God. He further indicated that the President was certainly on his "final visit" to his doctor in Singapore.

"Mugabe's health update

Great Zimbabweans there was blabber and hissing at State House today. Charamba is still denying that the President collapsed and is struggling. This time only God can sustain Mugabe, as no Asian specialist can. Cancer is a terrible ailment and remember that his long stay away from office is the first ever such by Mugabe since he came into power in 1980. It is true Great Zimbabweans, the same doctor who told Mugabe he would not live beyond 2013 is the same he has gone on his final visit to see." Wrote Baba Jukwa.

It is after this post that everyone began gaining confidence that certainly either the President had already indeed passed on or will not last any little longer. News based on this post started making headlines the world over of President Mugabe's death or imminent death there of.

As if that was not enough to raise an alert amongst the people, Jukwa came back on the 4th of January warning the world that things at the State house were tense and security had been beefed up intensively. This was further made scary by Jukwa accusing Happyton Bonyongwe is the director general of the Central Intelligence Organisation of "cold paranoia" by beefing security at State house implying that Bonyongwe was covering up for something extremely bad, and the worst that got into people's minds was the president was dead. What else could make a hard nut intelligence officer like Bonyongwe have "cold paranoia" other than the worst expected scenario at State house?

Adding to that, Jukwa went on to tactically side push from him "rumours" of the President's death and said that "if it is true that he has died" the death of the President was to be kept a secret for up to 6 months "in line with protocol". How that was (or is) going to be possible is a mystery. The world was further agitated by Jukwa's conclusion calling for people to pray for Zimbabwe so that following what ever could have happened at State house there was to be no blood shed.

Baba Jukwa MUGABE HEALTH Update- Great Zimbabweans, things are not well here. Security has been tightened at State House today. At the moment its not clear why Bonyongwe has done this, cold paranoia? I am in Harare, so I have not had direct infor on the President's latest. Many here say -all this is because of what has happened with the president. If it is true that he has died, they are likely to keep his body refrigerated until security chiefs pass the nod to announce. When that will be? It could even be 6 months later. This is the way to do it in line with protocol. Meanwhile Pray for your country Great Zimbabweans so that there is no bloodshed. "

Some two days later, ZANU PF spokesperson George Charamba and Psychology Maziwisa made statements refuting any claims of the President's ill health or possible death. Jukwa was quick to challenge them calling on them to provide video or pictorial evidence that the President was alive and well.

"Great Zimbabweans you heard Charamba and Maziwisa for yourselves today just as I told you all before. But why don't they just produce a single photograph or short video of Mugabe to prove that he never collapsed? Is it that too difficult? Great Zimbabweans don't be fooled the flesh is now worn out and tired. Zimbabweans demand to know why CIO offices have been both quiet and busy on their feet more than ever in the past 4 days, why the rush? Why tighten security suddenly? As for me I will not stop revealing to you all our president's condition."

Comments that followed this had people confirming that the President was surely late based on Jukwa's line of questioning which obviously ZANU PF could not or would not immediately respond to.

Jukwa's tone started taking a change this week from that of one who was confident President Mugabe was in Singapore for the last time to that of a Baba Jukwa who has never wished President Mugabe dead who only wants to keep ZANU PF supporters informed of the President's condition as if he has always been ZANU PF's mouth.

"I am getting harassing emails attacking me for posting about the President's health, and already 3 CIOs here at Chaminuka have been dragged into hearings in the past few days Bonyongwe is paranoid. Obviously these people are trying to slow me down from updating the nation. You foxes out there paid to harass me know one thing I have not wished Mugabe dead at all and you all know that most in ZANU PF want to know their leader's welfare and you are sabotaging their civil rights. So what is wrong with me doing this? May Kaguvi curse Bonyongwe and these evil bosses for all this!"

Then the worst seem to have struck Baba Jukwa on Friday when news from public media began making round that President Mugabe had arrived back in the country from Asia. Newspapers put up a very terrifying picture of a strong and healthy Mugabe arriving at Harare International airport. Baba Jukwa without varifying both the authenticity of the picture and of the news quickly chickened out to ever saying President Mugabe had died. Later after Jukwa's disclaimer information began coming through that the picture of President Mugabe at the airport was not from Friday's arrival at the airport.

Zimbabweans are however still sceptical about the President's return and health as no live pictures of the President's arrival have been put through.

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