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'My ex-wife demands sex non-stop,' man tells court

by Staff reporter
17 Jan 2014 at 08:17hrs | Views
A HARARE man on Wednesday told a court that he was living in fear of his ex-wife who followed him to his new place of residence where she demands sex non-stop.

The man, identified as C Mdiasha of Stoneridge, said this at Harare Civil Court where he was seeking a protection order against Sithandazile Maodzeko.

"I'm not living in peace at my house because I divorced this woman way back. I bought my own residential stand which I developed and currently I'm employed as a truck driver," Mdiasha said.

"She knows that I earn a lot of money and that's why she keeps pestering me and demands to have sex when I'm not willing. I've since informed her parents that I no longer love her, and they ordered that I pay lobola for her first which I'm doing. I paid a cow in November after they demanded four and soon it will be over," Mdiasha told the court.

Mdiasha asked the court to bar Maodzeko from the residence. In her response, Maodzeko denied being divorced by Mdiasha saying they are living together at the Stoneridge Park residence.

"I went to school up to Grade 6 and I didn't understand what he wrote in his papers. But all I can say is that we bought the residential stand when we were still together," she insisted.

"At one time, I decided to visit the residential stand and I was surprised to see that a house had been built."

Maodzeko said she was not aware that Mdiasha was no longer interested in her when she demanded to have sex and that he was in the habit of tossing sand in her food.

Magistrate Tafadzwa Muvhami ordered Maodzeko not to force Mdiasha to have sex.

"You have to approach the proper court regarding sharing the matrimonial property," the magistrate advised her.

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