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Mujuru not giving up the fight to be the next Zimbabwean president

by Itai Gwatidzo Mushekwe
26 Mar 2014 at 06:40hrs | Views
Vice President, Joice Mujuru, is not giving up the fight to be the next republic president of Zimbabwe, despite efforts by her foes to potray her as a "sell-out" who has been compromised by American and British intelligence agencies such as the CIA and MI6, amid reports that her faction wants to bring former reserve bank governor, Gono, into the fold to possibly deputise Mujuru as a shadow running mate for the faction to build momentum and dynamism, party insiders have indicated.

Mujuru is reportedly courting former central bank chief, Gideon Gono, to boost her faction's political fortunes, The Telescope News reported.

"That is why Mnangagwa and his crew, are stonewalling Gono from being appointed Senator, because it kills his path to being appointed into cabinet as finance minister," a party official openly aligned to Mujuru said this week.

"Once Gono becomes finance minister, our faction will have a new spring in it's step. This is because the portfolio is one of the most powerful in cabinet, and if we have it under our control we can deal with our adversaries at government level in a very swift manner. For example we could start by cutting budget allocations to the ministry of justice, because it is being used to persecute and scandalise our comrades, especially when you look at the so-called salarygate crackdowns. The same ministry, has come up with all sorts of legal hurdles to block Gono, from being confirmed into the Senate."

Team Crocodile

General Constantine Chiwenga (ZDF commander); General Phillip Valerio Sibanda (ZNA commander); Augustine Chihuri (Police commissioner general); Happyton Bonyongwe (CIO boss); Major General Douglas Nyikayaramba (Army chief of staff-Quartermaster); Patrick Chinamasa (Finance minister); Oppah Muchinguri (Zanu PF Politburo member); Jonathan Moyo (Information minister); Mike Madiro (Zanu-PF Manicaland official); July Moyo; Josiah Hungwe; Owen Ncube (Midlands security secretary).

I'm surprised

Both Mnangagwa, and Mujuru have not openly declared their interest in taking over power, after Mugabe's reign, which is drawing to a close with each passing day, choosing to be fighting and plotting underground for Mugabe's position. Mnangagwa has rebuffed a report by this reporter, that he made a gentleman's agreement with Mugabe to take power, when the veteran leader finally makes an exit, dismissing it as rumours from the country's enemies and detractors, working on reversing the gains of independence.

"I was as surprised as you to learn that there was a pact between the President and myself to take over office. I also read about it in the Press. This is a strategy by our enemies, but we are too mature and intelligent as a nation to fall for that. We don't read much into that," said Mnangagwa to Midlands State University students a few years ago.

"It is only a subject that exists in the minds of those who do not wish us well as a nation. There is really nothing to it. It's just wishful thinking from our enemies. I rest my case."

Source - The Telescope News
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