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Eulogy to the late Cde Sibotshwa Ncube

by Thulani Nkala
03 Sep 2014 at 22:40hrs | Views

Sibotshwa NCUBE: 20.06.1960 - 30.08.2014.

Sibotshwa Ncube was born on the 20th June 1960 to parents Tate Amos Mafa Tshaka Ncube and Me Sifelani Ndoli Moyo.

Sibotshwa grew up in Makwakwa in the Semukwe Reserve under Chief Bango. His primary education was at Ross Common Primary in Plumtree.

As a boy he enjoyed activities associated with childhood at that time, tree and rock climbing as well as many other outdoor pursuits.

Sibotshwa grew up during the lan Douglas Smith regime days. His education was under the segregated system which was designed to indoctrinate blacks to accept their positions as second class to the whites.

Out of this grew Sibotshwa's determination to rid the country of the oppressive, evil system of government and which led to his decision to join the struggle against racism. The unreasonable and high handed manner in which the minority regime dealt with opposition in the form of the Zimbabwe African Peoples Union in 1960s and 70s only strengthened Sibotshwa's resolve to participate in the struggle for freedom, whatever form it took.

In 1977 Sibotshwa left the then Rhodesia to join the armed struggle. He trained to fight under instruction from the most distinguished ZIPRA commanders. His name de guerre   was P K.

In 1981, after Zimbabwe attained independence he was integrated into the Zimbabwe National Army and was posted to 28 Infantry Battalion, Murewa. He was a disciplined soldier who was assigned to many military operations in Mozambique; serving his country with distinction in flashing out Renamo rebels who were sponsored by Apartheid South Africa to destabilize the newly independent country.

Like the rest of ZIPRA combatants Sibotshwa was badly mistreated and persecuted by the ZANU military Junta officers, a persecution reminiscent, if not worse than he had suffered under the minority white regime. Trumped up and false accusations were brought against Sibotshwa and erstwhile ZIPRA comrades among these being the charge of plotting to remove the Mugabe regime from power by force. The only way out was for Sibotshwa and many of his comrades who were similarly maltreated to leave army life which they so enjoyed, which he did in 1983. To remain would in all probability have led to the loss of their lives.

After demolisation from the army, Sibotshwa found it impossible to eke a living, let alone support his family. Added to this was the ever present threat to his life. In 1985 he crossed the border to the South Africa, however unpalatable jumping the border into the apartheid country was.

He opted for self-employment and was able to earn enough to bring up all his seven children, 3 boys and 4 girls. He also leaves behind16 grand-children.

In 2009 Sibotshwa participated actively to ensure the revival of ZAPU at the end of the so termed Unity Accord. He was elected to the position of Secretary for Security in Yeoville Branch in RSA and worked for ZAPU to the end.

God have mercy to this brave ZIPRA veteran who committed all to the liberation of his country.

A promise to our Comrade:
Comrade, Father, Soldier, Military Veteran, and Politician in this day of mourning, we will continue and finish the struggle you dedicated your life to.

You gave your life in freedom's name.

You came face to face with enemy helicopters, machine guns and bombs, only to have victory so brutally snatched away by a genocidal regime.

We know that there are many words, many thoughts that were left unspoken, not shared. But we will remember you.

Aluta continua.   
Your comrades and family of ZAPU

Source - Thulani Nkala