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'You can't claim to love Mugabe if you don't love Grace' Mujuru supporters told

by Staff Reporter
27 Oct 2014 at 08:57hrs | Views
Grace Mugabe's supporters have accused the provincial leadership of running a parallel youth league, which supports Vice-President Mujuru.

"During Amai Mugabe's tour, they never contributed even a single cent, but now they have hired at least 10 commuter omnibuses. They bought beer and fuel coupons. It's now clear that they are working for the removal of the President because you can't claim to love the President and yet you don't love the wife.

"They have their own youth league which is led by the former chairman (Jim Kunaka). They did not even communicate with me. If it were a party function, which we were all supposed to attend, (they should have communicated)."

Meanwhile, war veterans' leader Jabulani Sibanda has vowed to continue boycotting First Lady Grace Mugabe's rallies unless and until she stops her public attacks on Joice Mujuru.

Sibanda in a telephone interview yesterday said he was ready to defend his position and warned that real war veterans would resist attempts to stage "a bedroom or boardroom coup".

"If you want to find me guilty of not attending the First Lady's rallies, I plead guilty on that one and I won't attend unless the programme changes. I can't attend a function where they say 'Pamberi ne Mazoe Crush, pasi ne Gamatox'. That slogan is unknown in Zanu PF.

"That slogan is divisive and counter-revolutionary. I don't belong to a venomous group and until their objectives change, I won't be part of that. With its nature now, it's counter-revolutionary and Zimbabweans should stand up against that.

"All able-bodied people should stand up against that. You can't belong to a group that insults a Vice-President of the country. You can't insult a person like that even if you are from different political parties, but you can encounter on policies," he said.

Sibanda said it was wrong for Grace and other Zanu PF officials to publicly attack the Vice-President for "crimes" which could have been committed by her late husband, Retired General Solomon Mujuru.

"If President [Robert] Mugabe does wrong, l won't insult Grace Mugabe. So you can't insult Joice Mujuru because she is not Solomon Mujuru who they accuse of all those things. You can't attack MaNdlovu my wife because of my wrongs."

Source - SundayMail/SouthernEye