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Bev in a physical confrontation over debt

by Staff reporter
25 Feb 2015 at 16:26hrs | Views
Jean Masters (L) and Beverly 'Bev" Sibanda chat as Revai Tinarwo (in red scarf) approaches
Raunchy dancer Beverly 'Bev' Sibanda's penchant for an expensive lifestyle has proved costly after she reportedly got involved in a physical confrontation with her hairdresser, Revai Tinarwo, with the latter demanding her dues for services rendered  about seven months ago.

The 'debt collection' incident degenerated into a near fist fight as her manager, Hapaguti Harpers  Mapimhidze, came to the defence of Bev after they worked in cahoots to evade paying.

The melee occurred at Streambank Bar in Mbare on Sunday evening, attracting the attention of the bumper crowd that was watching Sulumani  Chimbetu performing.

The hairdresser, Tinarwo, from Red Alert saloon located along Mbuya Nehanda Street in the capital, heard  that Bev was performing at the joint and decided to trail her.

She confronted Bev, causing Harpers to intervene, threatening to beat up Revai.

Harpers defended his  violent actions, arguing that Revai had approached Bev improperly.

"She came to us shouting, and that was wrong.

"I have a lot of money, but I am not going to give her because she approached me in a  wrong way.

"She must apologise to me because I am a popular person who cannot be seen involved in such small clashes in public," fumed Harpers.

The almost violent confrontation died down after  popular socialite Monica 'Sele' Chikasha intervened.

The Zimbabwe Mail claims that it has it on good authority that Bev opened an account with Revai, the service provider, and accrued a debt of $120 backdated to August 25 last year.

Since then, she has been evasive and avoiding Revai in a bid to avoid owning up.

Revai said she tried all means to recover her money, and was now contemplating legal action.

"They attacked me for claiming my money.

"What I need is my money only and nothing else (sic)," said Revai.

To date , Bev has only paid  $20, and has proposed a payment plan.

Bev has previously made headlines, claiming that she was operating a thriving clothing business where she is generating huge profits.

Contrary to her claims, her manager Harpers conceded that they had opened an account with Revai because their finances were not sound.

"We opened an account with Revai at the time we left Prophet Magaya (Walter)'s church because our finances were low.

"Revai has been a good friend and we are surprised why she made a scene, claiming such a small amount of money," said Harpers.

Source - Zim Mail
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