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Farm invasions a threat to secure livelihoods - Zapu

by Own Correspondent
11 Mar 2015 at 15:54hrs | Views

Land is fundamental human right issue, critical for fighting poverty through food production as stated in the constitution and should never be compromised even on political grounds, the Zimbabwe African Peoples Union (ZAPU), has said.

ZAPU's spokesperson Mr Mjobisa Noko castigated the ZANU government for alleged violation of human rights for the ongoing farm seizures including the flawed Maleme Farm takeover near Bulawayo  where villagers blocked the move by a ZANU backed and CIO operative  Rodney Mashingaidze to grab the farm.

"ZAPU notes with concern that there is a continuous process of farm invasions especially in the southern part of the country .We feel this is a plan to dispose particular citizens of the basic human right to land.

"We are deeply disturbed by current developments at Maleme Farm where ordinary people who have been benefiting from the farm's extensive agriculture activities, are being tormented for staging a demonstration against a planned takeover of the farm," said Mr Noko.

ZAPU lambasted Zanu PF for neglecting the values of the constitution and vowed to continue fighting for the freedom of the people.

"The Zimbabwean constitution sates that each and every Zimbabwean is entitled to land, which was also a major factor behind the liberation struggle, "said Mr Noko.

Section 72 of the Zimbabwean constitution states that "every Zimbabwean citizen has a right to acquire, hold, occupy, use, transfer, hypothecate, lease or dispose of agriculture land regardless of her race or colour."

Since the year 2000, Zimbabwe has seen a chaotic massive land reform programs that has seen the rise of land barons most of them linked to the ruling party.

Mr Noko reiterated that so crucial is the land question, which was the major reason behind the liberation war.

"One of the reasons why ZAPU went into the liberation war of the liberation struggle was to liberate the people of Zimbabwe.

"What is happening in Maleme, Mazowe, Cyrene and all other parts of Zimbabwe including the displacement of Marange villagers in Manicaland shows that the ZANU government cannot be entrusted with the lives of the ordinary Zimbabweans

"The right to land is very sacred because it is from land that we get food and that is not questionable," said Mr Noko.

ZANU has been roundly condemned for its haphazard land policy with legislator Priscilla Hairambwi Mushonga probing Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa of the Matobo land skirmishes.

The latter evidently ducked the issue professing ignorance, despite a failed attempt by his counterpart Phekezela Mphoko to address angry villagers who were protesting over the planned Maleme takeover.

VP Mnangagwa's remarks have drawn the ire of ZAPU with Mr Noko saying this was typical of ZANU PF referring to the Gukurahundi issue where President Robert Mugabe in an interview professed ignorance about the atrocities that rocked the southern parts of the country in the early 1980s claiming thousands of lives.

Mr Noko stated that devolution of power to the provinces was critical in empowering the ordinary people in having a voice in safeguarding their resources including land adding that  "ZAPU will always stand by the people."

Source - Byo24News