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Drama as woman confess in court to using mubobobo on married men

by Staff Reporter
27 Mar 2015 at 13:16hrs | Views
A Married Zaka woman stunned fellow villagers saying she routinely use mubobobo to enjoy sex with scores of men in the village.

Ndakaitei Mutuma told a traditional court presided by Chief Ndanga that after being accused of having juju which was making married men to stalk her for sex.

According to B-Metro Mutuma also boosted that she has muti that enable her to mysteriously remove a man's sexual organ and allegedly 'enjoy it in the comfort of her bedroom and return it after pleasuring herself'.

Mutuma was in court after her husband Albert Mutama told the court that he caught her red-handed engaging in sex with another man, identified as Joseph Chrindo in their bedroom hut.

The publication Chief Ndanga said " In my life and experience as a chief I had never heard or presided over a case like the one involving one of my subjects Ndakaitei Mutuma.

"She confessed before a packed court that she was using juju to sleep with scores of married men in the village.

"What she does is that she goes to the wife of a man she desires and gives her a cloth which she is always moving around with. After giving her that cloth smeared with juju that's woman's husband will immediately look for her or go after her.

‘Even if the victim's wife discovers the affair, she would not do anything and when she dares confront her she will become powerless the moment she start questioning her" said the chief.

Source - B-Metro