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Goblins attacks Chipinge magistrate during a court session

by Byo24News
14 Jan 2011 at 11:38hrs | Views
Chipinge regional magistrate Mr Samuel Zuze collapsed and died during a court session on Wednesday afternoon, a few minutes after he had sentenced a cattle rustler.
Police said the rustler had been slapped with an effective 27-year jail term.
According to witnesses, Mr Zuze was about to sentence two other rustlers when he collapsed and began foaming at the mouth.
He was rushed to St Peters Hospital where he was pronounced dead on admission.
Investigations by police revealed that he had a medical record of diabetes and hypertension, though the cause of his death is yet to be established. His body was taken to the hospital's mortuary for post-mortem. The magistrate's death has become the talk of Chipinge with villagers saying he could have been "attacked" by goblins belonging to some of the suspects he was about to nail.
"There have been rumours that the cause of his death was a result of goblins that attacked him during the court session," a police source said.
He said cases of stock theft in the area were rampant and perpetrators were being given stiffer penalties.
"As you are aware, this area has a lot of people who are involved in 'witchcraft' activities and that is why some believe that goblins attacked the magistrate," he said.
"The circumstances surrounding his death are that he had travelled to Chisumbanje for a circuit court there. While in court, he started coughing and adjourned court. He went and sat in his car," he said.
He said when his colleagues later followed him, they found him seriously ill, having convulsions and foaming at the mouth before being taken to hospital.

Source - Byo24News