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Zanu PF strives on blood bath - Biti

by Stephen Jakes
26 May 2015 at 06:01hrs | Views

MDC Renwal Secretary General Tendai Biti on Monday said the ruling Zanu PF strive on spilling blood considering the fact that soon after independence 30 000 people in Matabeleland and Midlands were killed by the Fifth Brigade who were launched to the regions by Zanu PF government while since then people were made to disappear and killed just for the sack of making Zanu PF survive power.

Biti was speaking during the Afrca day celebrations organised by his party at Lobengula Hall in Bulawayo.

"Zanu PF survives through spilling of blood and that is why we do not have Itai Dzamara (democracy activist and journalist), Learnmore Jongwe and many others today," he said.

Dzamara was reportedly abducted by suspected Central Intelligence Organisations members on March 9 this year while Jongwe died in Prison in the early 2000s after allegedly killing his wife over infidelity.

Biti said the most serious genocide that has been committed by Zanu PF is that of economic genocide which many people have been displaced by in Zimbabwe and even some have died due to its persistence.

"Now the serious genocide that people suffer from is that of economy," said Biti.

"This is a really current genocide which people do not talk about. As result of that out of 1000 births being given 76 mothers die during birth giving due to economic genocide."

Source - Byo24News