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Zimbabwe's military strength vs the world

by Staff reporter
25 Jun 2015 at 15:47hrs | Views
Zimbabwe National Army female officers during displays in Mutare
A new index has ranked countries by the size of their armies and armed forces, with the USA, Russia and China predictably dominating in terms of raw military power.

This is according to Global Firepower (GFP), an independent group which aims to provide an unbiased measure of global military strength using publicly available information.

The GFP list ranks 126 countries according to effective military strength, and makes use of over 50 factors to determine each nation's Power Index score.

Military data is taken from the CIA World Factbook, public domain print and media sources and user contributions.

Zimbabwe's military strength

Zimbabwe was ranked as having the 95nd most powerful military force on the index.

It is ranked number 12 in Africa, below Egypt (1st), Algeria (2nd), South Africa (3rd), Nigeria (4th), Ethiopia (5th), Morroco (6th), Kenya (7th), Angola (8th), Niger, (9th) Uganda, (10th) and Chad (11th).

Zimbabwe's last defense budget was $95 million.

According to the GFP data, the country has an active frontline personnel totalling 29,000 people, with 21,800 in active reserve.

This is out of approximately 14 million individuals who are fit for service.

The GFP notes that South Africa has a war-ready labour force of 3.2 million people.

Looking at military strength by land systems, Zimbabwe has the following stats:

72 tanks, 172 armored fighting vehicles (AFVs), 0 self-propelled guns (SPGs), 26 towed-artillery, 64 multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRSs): 64

In terms of air power, Zimbabwe boast of 94 total aircraft, 10 fighters/interceptors, 7 fixed-wing attack aircraft, 36 transport aircraft, 48 trainer aircraft, 29 Helicopters, 6 attack helicopters.

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